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Careers At Home University

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Careers At Home University Scam Review

by David Harris

“Careers At Home University”, by Melissa Mayer and found at, is yet another online scam placing the news channel logos underneath, will somehow make you think they were featured on the news.

Careers At Home University one is pretty much a replicated website scam. At the top is a fake photo of the fictional author/working mother.

The funny thing is that the photo of the working mother, Melissa Mayer, in the Careers At Home University website is a stock photo. This is exactly the same as many other scams just like Careers At Home University.

Careers At Home University shows us arrogance how the rip off sites are blatantly throwing these identical sites up as soon as watchdog review sites like ours expose the scam.

It also begs the question, why are the FTC and Google letting sites like Careers At Home University loose upon unsuspecting people desperate to make money?

It is highly likely that an international issue prevents them from going after criminals from other countries who perpetrate these link posting scams.

It’s also because scams like Careers At Home University pop up so often that they are hard to track down in a vast sea of these “make money from home” schemes.

That’s why we are here.

Like so many other scammers, “Careers At Home University” uses the old news channel logos placed on the website and ads to give the suggestion that they’ve received airtime.

You must read carefully, as the wording is prone to be confusing. To add to the confusion, slogans like “America’s number one home business consultant”, trick phrases such as “Wealth Development Certification Program” and lofty sounding titles like “Search Engine Agent” are thrown around to impress newcomers.

Above the news emblems, Careers At Home University claims that you may have seen businesses like this one on those channels.

This type of deceptive tactic is designed to part people from their money. It works, so it’s a lucrative scam.

That is why they keep on changing names every few months.

Once inside I saw that Careers At Home University’s content/template is designed exactly like all the others that they have used in the past.

They don’t even bother to change the standard intro video from one site to the next.

They did not change the always present fake income check and calculator that shows how much money you would make.

It has the official looking “back office dashboard” income totals to give the idea that you will be raking the money in just like that with Careers At Home University.

The usual suspects are the company shill comments with lots of positive things to say about this “great opportunity”.

They always come with stock picture frame photos next to their phony names.

Beware the bogus free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor.

It’s nothing more than their boiler room way of upselling you to more useless scams and to drain your bank account.

Within the next few weeks, as usually happens with these types of scams, the complaints will be rolling in about “Careers At Home University”.

It’s just another scam to avoid

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