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BuxTo Review

by David Harris

“BuxTo”, also known as Bux Group, created by David John Withers and found at Bux.To, is a Paid To Click website scam so chock-full of massive amounts of complaints about their service that it caught our attention for review.

Some angry users have gone as far as calling BuxTo an evil money laundering scam as well as an elaborate money siphoning scheme and other remarks with stronger expletives spread liberally through their complaints registered online.

So many users have each been scammed out of thousands of dollars from BuxTo’s practice of luring them in.

They do this by paying out just enough amounts at first to make them believe they’ve hit the Klondike mother load that they are compelled to buy more and more referral units.

Then as things progress, payouts are withheld, a bevy of excuses are handed out for not paying, or they claim you’re cheating, or, ultimately, there is no contact at all to the utter frustration of those offended.

Thousands of dollars later, a hard lesson is learned; that is, do your research before you leap into a scam like BuxTo.

I’m sure you must ask yourself how they can keep this heinous activity going.

It’s a numbers game plain and simple.

There are enough inexperienced newcomers desperate for “easy money” and the BuxTo lure says and does the right things to entice and haul them in.

Like a sea of jam packed sucker fish.

That’s right, they look at their victims as suckers.

Once you figure out that there is a BuxTo members’ forum, it will STILL take you time to realize they censor everything posted there so that no one ever sees the complaints people post.

Staff deletes them.

Allegedly, some posts are even edited by staff to appear positive.

Those who complain are locked out or banned altogether from the site, so, those violated look elsewhere on the internet to air their grievances.

After finding sites that allow former BuxTo user complaints to be published, I literally had to stop searching after the first 20 pages of search engine listings.

The point was driven home.

The other sites that feature BuxTo content feel like fake review sites built to spread the con farther up into the internet highway with aggressive black hat ranking methods.

Many of these sites’ “reviews” are so poorly written as to most times look like jumbled words thrown together with BuxTo keywords interspersed throughout that push them up in the SERPs rankings.

Did I mention that the UK had previously tried and convicted the owner, David John Withers, for VAT fraud, money laundering and a few other criminal activities?

Well, that happened.

BuxTo says Wither’s no longer in charge, but criminals have ways around everything to keep their money printing machine going.

BuxTo is a sham and a PTC scam of dreadful proportions.

I hope you found this review before you got yourself entangled in their web of deception.

If not, my heart goes out to you.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David


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