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Business Success Pack

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Business Success Pack – Scam Review

by David Harris

Business Success Pack, by fictional character Tanya D and found at, is a rather odd way to divert you to a multi level marketing company called Herbalife. Herbalife has its share of negative press and at the same time cult-like followers that try anything to recruit people for their downline.

This particularly misleading page, Business Success Pack, has many issues to take to task. First is the fact that proper information of the business you would be involved in can be found nowhere on any of the first page, and even on the next page there’s nothing either about Herbalife.

So I’m sure you are wondering how I found out Business Success Pack website is a shill site for Herbalife. There’s a compensation statement link that shows an Herbalife chart, and after tracking down the company’s address I found several association listings to Herbalife connected to the address – and they hint at it at the bottom of the first page of the website.

If I have to hunt down what kind of business this is, then I think it’s obvious something fishy is going on. Herbalife has such a stigma that its distributors, or rather, recruiters have to finds devious ways of leading you to their lair. As a major principle, we frown on mlm businesses here, and Business Success Pack does not raise our confidence one bump.

The front page of Business Success Pack is so vague that all it really has is just a picture of some people doing who knows what, and the social media logos below are just a bunch of inactive graphics, not links. That raises my suspicion radar everytime.

Since there is no company information on Business Success Pack such as, where they’re located, no phone number, or how long they’ve been in business it is not always cause for alarm, but I finally found address info on the privacy disclaimer.

The disclaimer also says you most likely will not make very much money doing this but you will definitely be spending hundreds, if not thousands investing in it. To paraphrase briefly, those are their words. If you want to spend ten dollars on Herbalife pamphlets and brochures you can find anywhere online for free than by all means no, don’t, actually. If you really feel you have to, go straight to the source of this mlm scheme.

Normally an ‘F’ rating from the BBB doesn’t matter much to me, but it certainly does not add to their charms. Considering everything important they leave out in order to make a well informed decision to invest in a business, we do not recommend this scam, Business Success Pack, at all.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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