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Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program

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Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program Review

by David Harris

“Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program”, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a terrible link posting scam.

The link posting scams that point to it are of the fake mom sales gimmick variety and the fake ads posing as news articles.

To the unsuspecting newcomer, they both look real and fall for it instantly due to a desperate need to work online from home with internet marketing.

Some others fall for the “3 positions left” call to action at the top of the page.

This horrid little trick gets people thinking this might be a job.

Sadly, it is not any kind of job, but a misleading online work from home con job to get you in the door so the scammers can perpetrate all kinds of evil deeds on you.

Before we describe these evils, you should be made aware that the young woman on the sales hype video presentation is not really the “Bobbie” of Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program.

She is a paid actress following a script taken right from the other fake mom scams which no doubt you’ve received in your emails from time to time.

In reality, there is no such person.

She is a fictional character these swindlers have made up to put a name and face on their troublesome web sites

The news network logos at the top are used without the express consent of the networks.

This trick makes you think they might be reputable as if they’ve seen on TV.

No such thing.

Beware of their phony certification titles like Wealth Development Certificate and Search Engine Agent Program Certificate.

These are not real thing in the real world.

They put the first fee of $97 dollars right on the next page when you opt-in.

If you try to exit, they drop it down each time until it gets to $47.

Most desperate people won’t know this and sign up with the ridiculously high fee for stuff you can find anywhere else online for far cheaper if not free.

They will also charge you a monthly fee on top of that and some smaller charges under different names that so small that they hope you won’t notice them month after month.

Now on to the previously mentioned evil deeds.

The second you join Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program you will be bombarded with tons of spam after you’ve given them your personal data.

These is actually the least of the problems.

But just so you know, your personal info is sold to their clients, and those are the ones sending you their junk.

Once you are in as a member, the first things you will see are pages and pop ups full of spam and scam ads from those clients for hours before you get to any info on what link posting is.

Link posting is actually supposed to be quite a bit different from what they describe.

Much of their info is outdated and ineffective methods.

This is done for a reason.

The M.O. is actually to get you frustrated so that the slick Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program boiler room salespeople can get to work on you.

They act as if they are your one on one business coaches urging you to move on from the sites basic info and do their very best to get you to buy even more expensive coaching programs.

These useless “programs” are known to cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars when the con goes the crooks’ way.

After you’re left broke, they will vanish along with any support or customer service once they know they’ve tapped you out.

Incidentally, there are no refunds ever, even though they may claim they do on the sales pages.

Do read their disclaimers at the bottom that pretty much refute all of the hype above.

So many people have complained and shared their woeful tales in forums everywhere online about getting ripped off by Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program and its ilk.

The only recourse you have to stop any further swindling by them is to cancel your bank account and cards and open a new one.

Absolutely no good can come from getting involved with this work from home scam.

Stay as far away from Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program as you can.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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