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AW Surveys Scam Review

by David Harris

“AW Surveys”, by Adam Seebeck and found at, is a paid surveys site with so many lodged complaints by such a large number of unhappy customers that the site has actually been boycotted on certain sites.

Although “AW Surveys” looks like it represents a legitimate business, it stops there.

Right from the start, AW Surveys demonstrates deception with the claim that you can join for free.

The reality is that they do charge a $25 fee once you start engaging in survey participation.

As soon as you join, there are a series of starter surveys which take you to about $30 dollars.

Once you are there, the fee is deducted, and the amount of new surveys you’re offered to take pretty much dries up, or the payout quality declines.

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The problem with this is that AW Surveys has a $75 dollar payout minimum.

So now, to reach that, you bug your friends and family to join as referrals at a dollar and a quarter per signup.

The biggest problems with AW Surveys stem from allegations by a multitude of former users that AW Surveys fails to pay out on completed surveys and confirmed referrals.

In fact, many reports include membership deletion or cancellations.

The ruse AW Surveys uses to close accounts before they’re paid is simple.

They accuse users of violating the terms of service.

Most of the time, users complain that they did no such thing.

A favorite AW Surveys uses is that users are having referrals sign up on the same IP address. Most people do not know what that is, or how it happens.

AW Surveys feels it does not need to defend its position as it is a valid issue in that there are websites online that show people how to take advantage of the system.

However, many innocent users get tossed out as a way for AW Surveys to not to have to pay out what is owed.

Because of this and many other tactics AW Surveys uses to generate confusion in the majority of its users so they don’t fight back, AW Surveys is ripping people off.

AW Surveys is a scam and this is your warning not to get involved with them.

I do not recommend “AW Surveys” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

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