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Automated Paydays

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Automated Paydays Scam Review

By David Harris

“Automated Paydays” by Jamie Shaw, found at, is another work at home scam, so innocuous looking yet it’s so dangerous.

I can tell you in one sentence why Automated Paydays is a scam, but I will elaborate, nevertheless. Before I do, though, I’ll give you a spoiler alert: it’s another link posting scam.

There are so many of these scam sites that the Automated Paydays scammers were in such a rush to take your money that they did not change a single thing from the other clone site scams, so the red flags fly.

We can start with the crummy website design. Apparently, it was not enough for them to place the cheesy and cheap looking money graphics.

Automated Paydays thought you would fall for this farce if they also lobbed every social media logo they could find at the top of the site to try and make it look legit.

Social media sites that by the way, or btw, as the kids say, have nothing to do with this junk. In fact, everything you see on the site is completely repudiated at the bottom disclaimers and terms.

Beware the ‘Automated Paydays’ fee to join what is really a redirect site which happens to be another horrible scam.

This is a scammer tested scammer approved old trick called the bait and switch. The redirect goes to eStore Builder, a link posting scam built to bilk.

Be really careful. Read the disclaimer to see that they will charge you a one-time set-up fee of $99.95 as well as a monthly access fee of $54.76 after 7 days, unless you cancel. The language on cancelling is very vague. It looks like they will charge you monthly just because you enter into their agreement.

I can’t stress enough to be very careful with Automated Paydays. It is certain no one will answer your call when you try to get a refund.

Automated Paydays website has absolutely no description as to what you might be doing, but they say you won’t need experience to make hundreds in just an hour a day.

It takes persistence and effort to build a decent home business, so that’s a red flag there. No one in their right mind would give up their money let alone their credit card information for such ambiguous quackery.

The work is supposedly a kind of affiliate marketing called link posting that pays you commissions upon transactions from your ads.

It is not as easy as all that, and this is why they don’t tell you what you’re signing up for. Automated Paydays is a link posting scam.

“Automated Paydays” is brought to you by the same people that perpetrated the Automated Home Income scam.

It has the same template look of those others because they are too lazy to change their scheme. Also, beware the silly titles like Wealth Development Certification Progam ansd Search Engine Agent, etc, as they’re just puffery.

To top it off, the most heinous of the many wrong things they do is swarm you with calls to get you to buy a “free consultation” in order to get more money out of you (for “investing in yourself”) to get more of their “services”.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Automated Paydays is not any kind of payday, except for the scammers. Get miles away from this one this one as fast as you can.

I do not recommend “Automated Paydays”.

Thanks for reading

– David


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