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Automated Daily Income Review

by David Harris

“Automated Daily Income” (ADI), by Raena Lynn and found at, is a recent addition to the evil pantheon of link posting scam clone websites polluting the internet.

These sites offer the same designs with small variations like company name and URL link changes, and of course, the fictional single working moms’ names.

Automated Daily Income happens to use a character named Raena Lynn, and to further the lie, the scammers have put up a fake profile of this person on Facebook.

So it seems the scammers who run sites like Automated Daily Income go to any lengths to sell the lie they call a dream work from home job.

Incidentally, it is not even an actual job or job opportunity.

Automated Daily Income is a very risky and potentially dangerous venture.

When you get involved in affiliate marketing, you are making investments in buying ad space and websites, landing pages, etc.

This is in order to drive traffic to your offer.

These ads you’d be posting mean you’d spend money on them before you even make a dime.

You only get paid if the ad or ads get clicked on for purchasing items, generating leads, or any call to action.

The result of any successfully completed actions would be small checks or PayPal deposits, etc., from the companies for which you advertise.

The problem with Automated Daily Income, and its awful ilk, is that any training, tips or information they provide is out of date and incomplete.

There is a reason for this, but before I get into it, let’s go over the visible red flags one can easily spot if they know what to look for.

You see the news logos at the top with a vaguely worded caption that insinuates this scam has been advertised on TV or print media.

That of course is a misdirection trick.

The Automated Daily Income presentation page following the opt-in page is full of these gimmicks like photo-shopped “paychecks”, etc., and actual lies.

Lies that the scammers hope will lead you to believe you can earn huge money with Automated Daily Income.

The top lie is the stolen video hinting about online work from home opportunities.

First, the scammers who run these rip off sites have never paid for the licensing rights to use it.

Second, the Automated Daily Income video actually talks about actual telecommuting jobs.

Not high-risk business ventures designed to rip you off.

Next to the fake story to the right, you can see testimonial comments.

They are completely made up and the photos are lifted from stock image web sites.

Further down there are more stock pictures of people having fun with their laptops.

And just below those, there is the trifecta of alluring photos showing a mansion, expensive car, and a yacht.

There is no way those things can be attained using the info provided through Automated Daily Income.

And it’s certainly nobody in real life has had anything to smile about either.

All these and more are the carrot they have you drooling over.

The stick might as well be a dynamite stick because these crooks will destroy your financial situation.

If you go to the buy-in page, the price is $97 but it drops down if you try to exit.

The real objective is for you to join Automated Daily Income even if it’s only for $47.

Once in, the boiler room wolves disguised as “internet wealth experts” (no such thing) will call you.

This will be for a one on one consultation which is really just a sales call to get you to upgrade.

These upgrades, or upsells, are absolute garbage.

The game is to keep you jumping from one offer to more expensive ones until they’ve bled you dry.

So many Automated Daily Income victims have written to us of their unfortunate engagement with the link posting scam crooks.

And told us there was no way to get their money back.

Any support and contacts suddenly disappear once they know your bank account is tapped out.

So another big lie is their claim of money-back guarantee.

Your best course of action is to just avoid Automated Daily Income and any other get rich quick schemes like it now that you know what they are.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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