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Auto Income Profits System

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Auto Income Profits System – Scam Review

Auto Income Profits System is another fly-by-night ruse offering a persuasive “surefire” work-at-home “job” in your city.

Supposedly, very few positions are available but the fictitious heroine “Jennifer Smith” spins a yarn to persuade you into taking a leap of faith for this alleged certified, proven opportunity that really doesn’t exist.

The pseudonym Jennifer Smith is used to connect with the consumer and create a personal relationship that you can identify with.

She and the other fake people give testimonial comments of how they’ve become wealthy doing using Auto Income Profits System.

You’ll find more of these questionable sites are using creative pseudonyms to further their scams, build trust and influence the consumer to buy.

However, they all have the same design components the fake check, or as in this case, the fake debt incurred on a single fake credit card statement with about the same fake amount as the ones in other sites like this one.

The fake news clip of a generic actress doing the “work from home mom” part for the camera is in all the websites exactly like Auto Income Profits.

It also has the infamous graph chart from previous scam sites!

If that isn’t enough to steer anyone clear of it, let’s consider the “shill comments” generated by Auto Income Profits with fake people extolling the virtues of this get rich quick scheme.

The domain registration points to Utah, home of one of the most nefarious perpetrators of this exact crooked business model. The IP points to other crooked work from home business sites that have been placed on it at one time or another.

Any description of any product the website says you will make tons of money selling is nowhere to be found on the lead page.

When you get in, it’s the same post linking scam they’ve been pulling newbies in with since the email processing game days.

When you go to leave the site, a pop up window tries to bring you back with a ridiculous discount offer. Some may believe this is going to save them money and why not try it? Because, the minute you turn any money over to them, they will figure out ways to get much more out of you.

As usual, the most dangerous part of Auto Income Profits System is the sales funnel that inevitably drives you to spend hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars on “business consultations”, or coaching and additional products that are either overpriced, worthless, or that you don’t need at all.

Much of it can be found online or in libraries for free. This group really needs to get shut down. Don’t go near it, if you value your money.

Auto Income Profits System is a carbon copy of a scam that has been duplicated by the dozens using the same content with different business and ownership names and essentially the same graphics.

We know this type of scam well. Please do not purchase this “product”!

Thanks for reading…

– David



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Bart Nash on :

I’m sure this comment won’t be added but this BS article was written by an Internet marketer is on a website that virtually gets no traffic. This totally BS article was written for the purpose of making money if someone clicks though to something that pays an affiliate commission. It’s sad that so many people who wish to make money don’t know the first thing about business or care that it might hurt said business. This website is unprofessional and it is my experience that Auto Income has acted in a professional manner and has helped myself as well as every other Auto Income contractor I network with. Again I’m sure this comment wil never get posted as there are no other messages meaning no one reads this website. I will be taking a picture of the homepage of this site and posting it on FB as an affiliate marketing scam.

guess what, buddy – not only did your comment get posted but to reiterate that Auto Income was a scam, the site is no longer active. It got taken down by the scammers as soon as we and other consumer watchdog sites exposed it for the fraud that they are. Thanks for bringing this up so we could update the status of that now dead site and you’re welcome very much. Once again thanks for reading and believing in us!


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