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Auto Home Profits

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Auto Home Profits Review

by David Harris

Auto Home Profits by Shelly Davis and found at, is another link posting scam designed to rip people off.

They claim it was offered at $197 and is now $97 to join.

But if you try to exit the site it will show a pop up that “discounts” the fee to $47.

This is a typical ruse to get you intrigued.

The fake working mom Shelly Davis is concocted to relate with you and create a personal touch with the fake story.

This fictional character and the other phony people in the comments section are all nonexistent.

Most of these scam sites are using generic names like Auto Home Profits to lure unsuspecting newcomers in.

They all have the same design to them such as the doctored up check.

As well as the fake credit card statement, and pictures of mansions and expensive cars.

The news segment at the top of their presentation page is used without consent from the news network.

This goes for every clone site like Auto Home Profits.

Also, the “shill comments” generated with fictional commenters shouting the praises of this bait and switch scheme.

They leave out descriptions, on the website, of how you will earn the tons of money they claim you can make.

They do throw around phony titles like:

Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Certification.

They do this in hopes of making you think it’s legitimate.

All the hype is fake and the disclaimers at the bottom of the page tell the real story.

You won’t make a nickel with this scam.

This scam is worse than the old email processing scam that’s been around since the beginning of the internet.

This is because they rip people off for a whole lot more.

They have you enter your credit card info to join.

The second you give them your money they will inevitably get much more out of you.

As usual, the most dangerous part of Auto Home Profits is the boiler room sales floor full of aggressive scammers.

They will do their very best to have you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on junk programs that do nothing for you.

You can see a lot of the outdated info they provide on the “back office” for free online or in public libraries.

Unfortunately, trying to get scams like this shut down is next to impossible.

This is because too many of them go up on the web for authorities to go after them.

There just aren’t enough resources or budget for that and the proper departments are already stretched thin.

If you value your money you will move on if you get their spam offers in your inbox.

This is a duplicate site of a scam used over and over again.

Recognize it for what it is and avoid it altogether.

Auto Home Profits is a scam.

Do not spend a dime of your hard-earned money on it.

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