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At Home Cash

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At Home Cash Scam Review

by David Harris

At Home Cash by Melissa Mayer and found at, is yet another online link posting scam.

There’s really just no other way to put it.

At Home Cash is pretty much a replicated website scam.

Starting with the unauthorized use of the news networks’ logos and the fake photo of the fictional author/working mother.

And ending with the unfounded boast “The net’s top work-at-home program”.

The funny thing is that they claim that the fake working mother, Melissa Mayer, is the number one home business consultant yet she does not exists in real life.

This is exactly the same as many other scams just like Careers At Home University, which also uses the same fake working mom.

At Home Cash is just like all the other rip off sites are blatantly stealing peoples’ money left and right.

A new one will be up as soon as watchdog review sites like ours and unhappy victims expose the scam.

If you’re wondering why are the FTC and Google are letting sites like At Home Cash loose upon unsuspecting people desperate to make money.

It’s because there are so many of these that it’s difficult to keep up with them.

We are now working with certain authorities to inform them of the ones we catch.

The people at WBTV news did not even know their news clip was being used until recently.

They certainly did not authorize these scammers to use the footage.

These reasons are just a few of why we are here.

Investigations will soon be bringing some of these crooks down.

Like so many other scammers, “At Home Cash” uses the fake checks, photo-shopped proofs of income.

As well as other ploys to get you hooked into believing they are authentic when it could not be farther from the truth.

At Home Cash has the ever present calculator that shows how much money you would make as if you would actually ever make money from using their system.

It has the official looking “back office dashboard” income totals to give the idea that you will be raking the money in just like that with At Home Cash.

Then there are the fake comments with lots of good things to say about this “amazing system”.

They invariably come with stock picture frame photos beside their phony names.

Beware the bogus upsells to more expensive useless “coaching” programs.

The At Home Cash boiler room dogs will work you and deplete your bank account.

Please read the disclaimers carefully, as the wording is prone to be confusing.

They refute just about everything the hype at the top of the page claims.

To add to the confusion you will find phony trick phrases such as “Wealth Development Certification Program” and lofty sounding titles like “Search Engine Agent” that just aren’t real either.

This type of deceptive tactic is designed to get you to sign up and give them your financial info including credit card number and bank account access.

It works for them as a very lucrative scam even after they keep on changing names every few months when watchdog sites like ours expose them.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of these cretins, please contact us by email and we will put you in touch with the people we are working with that are working to bring them down.

Soon enough, the complaints will be rolling in about “At Home Cash” and the money they will take from many without their authorization.

It’s a scam you should all avoid.

Thanks for reading our At Home Cash review.




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I have a fairly secure email address and I recently received an email ad for this company. My experience has been if you really are just reporting on an opportunity that is that good, that you can legitimately claim makes so much, why do you need to market it? These seem to tell me they make most of their money selling a “system” rather than just posting links! I would, however, like your professional input because one could use some extra cash! Thanks.


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