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Apprentice Academy Online

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Apprentice Academy Online Scam Review

by David Harris

Apprentice Academy Online, by Jane Simmons and found at, is another one of those link posting scam sites, disguised as a work from home mom opportunity you can make lots of money with.

The same old phony stock photos of fake moms and fake happy customers. The same fake “news clips” and news channel logos, and the same fake check showing you how much Jane Simmons made from Apprentice Academy Online.

It may very well be that celebrity Kristy Frank’s name and likeness are being used without her knowledge on the landing page. This is a common practice among these scammers.

It’s not a good challenge at all to rip this scam apart. In fact, this one was just too easy. First of all, this is really not a job, although they try and say it is. There is no guarantee you will make any money.

The limited available spots gimmick for ‘immediate placement’ is total misleading. All this turns out to be is just a weak affiliate marketing program that is not as easy as they make it sound.

You never actually get paid only for posting links. There’s a lot more to it than they tell you, and it involves constant investment in advertising, not just the initial fee when you sign up with Apprentice Academy Online.

If you want to get a refund you’ll be waiting forever. Their money back policy has so you need a lawyer to figure it out. That’s how they keep your fee.

Those that get trapped and sign up end up giving them their personal data, which they will share with their third party clients. They make money from doing this even though they say they won’t share your information.

As if that’s not bad enough there are relentless sales calls from Apprentice Academy Online’s aggressive sales team trying to get you to spend lots more of your money on so called business coaching programs that never really help you to succeed.

Thousands of dollars are extracted from unsuspecting people who think Apprentice Academy Online is going to make them wealthy. We get lots of complaints about these very evil ploys.

Be wary of companies that claim you can make a lot of money working an hour a day without needing experience or skills. They will continue scams like Apprentice Academy Online until they’ve gotten everybody they can before the people get wise.

I do not recommend “Apprentice Academy Online“.

Thanks for reading

– David


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