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Anthony Morrison Success Academy

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Anthony Morrison Success Academy – Scam Review

Anthony Morrison Success Academy by Anthony Morrison, found at, is Morrison’s vehicle for his own wealth growth – not so much yours. There are valid reasons why this man gets loads of negative press, complaints and bad reviews.

The product Anthony Morrison Success Academy purports to sell on the site is downright laughable. In his infomercials, he offers books which claim tell you secrets to making millions overnight, and he sells them for about 20 bucks.

Seriously, I could have skipped years and years of formal education and by only reading a twenty dollar book I would then know everything? This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are serious transgressions he commits against the people who trusted Anthony Morrison Success Academy .

Besides looking in the Anthony Morrison Success Academy website at the awful products and overpriced seminars he puts together, I found thousands of horrible stories registered online from unhappy people who made the mistake of trying to do business with this guy. Thousands.

Even if he was a billionaire, he could not ever wipe or scrub the internet from all the bad press and negative comments the internet is riddled with. Complaints about every part of this business have surfaced in droves.

From terrible customer service or lack thereof, to high pressure boiler room types trying to get as much of your money as possible for useless coaching programs and from unjustifiably priced seminars to his bad haircut and scruffy beard. It’s all out there.

The sub-par marketing tip materials he hawks on Anthony Morrison Success Academy are not the worst part of what he does, although, it’s bad enough to consider. They are the bait for the switch in this particular con job, which leads to ruins for many who get sucked in.

The majority of his victims come from watching his infomercials. They order the “product”, for lack of better words, and many calls from Anthony Morrison Success Academy sales team will inundate and wear the customer out to pay for horribly useless upsells that run into the thousands. Thousands.

Meanwhile, those who are smart enough to pass on those find out that the link posting advice Anthony Morrison Success Academy gives out is the same stuff you can find anywhere online and libraries for free, and that the website he sells you is the same exact one he sells everyone.

So really, you are in competition with everyone who buys the exact inferior materials they push on everyone else. There are enough newbies trying to get an online business started who fall for the scam that Anthony Morrison Success Academy is perpetrating that they will be in business until the government shuts him down.

Until that time, we hope you got to this review in time to stay away from this scam. Anthony Morrison Success Academy is as bad as it can get, and worse in the eyes of those thousands who got taken by them. Thousands.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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