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Amanda Jones

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Amanda Jones Review

by David Harris

Amanda Jones is a new fictional name made up for getting women to connect to her by the crooks that run website scams the bait and switch swindle known as the link posting scam.

The story is invariably a fake single mother working from home who rises to the top with this extremely questionable product.

This time it’s Amanda Jones.

This seems to work for the scammers on many terrible levels.

Recently, you may have received their nonstop emails with ‘her’ phony messages getting you to sign up for the scam which I listed below.

Many people looking for an online home business they can make money with stumble upon this Amanda Jones scam and end up falling for the made-up story.

They end up with less money than they started with and possibly overdraw their accounts with no chance of ever getting refunds.

Amanda Jones is a new fake name entry, and each time we and others expose the fraud, the scammers will now put up new scam sites using her name.


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I have tried to find a real person by that name, Amanda Jones.

But the only real ones are a multimedia photographer, a former Miss USA, a travel writer and so on.

And no real person is connected to online marketing.

Certainly, you will not find anything about any “America’s number one internet business consultant”, “expert” or whatever clever hook they can make up if you search for a legitimate Amanda Jones.

This is the latest make money from home scam using the name Amanda Jones: Online Income

Not surprising that the scammers who run these sites change their URL links quite often as soon as they’re exposed.

The site and name are always the same as if telling us they know that we see them as the scam they are, yet they don’t care.

The most recent URL is and many of the others we’ve exposed under her name have already been taken down.

Amanda Jones will be in other clone sites long after I expose this scam.

And I will keep on finding them and letting you know to stay clear from any of those online marketing scam websites that use her name.

The link posting scam is a basic bait and switch con job that gets you to surrender your credit card information to these criminals.

They then go about draining you out of your money through larcenous means.

Many people write to us about the Amanda Jones scams that robbed them of as much as tens of thousands of dollars! Learn from them and do not repeat their mistakes.

Beware the name Amanda Jones in this phony website that looks suspiciously like a news report with the news networks’ logos at the top of the first pages to make them seem like a respectable product.

Also, look out for ludicrous titles such as search engine agent and wealth development certification program as no such things exist in the marketing world.

Please read our reviews of the scams listed above for details on how the scams work, so as not to get ripped off.

Thanks for reading our Amanda Jones review.




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