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Advertising Profits From Home

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Advertising Profits From Home – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Advertising Profits From Home”, by Anthony Morrison and found at, is one of several scams Morrison runs very profitably, to the dismay of many. The con is a way over priced seminar – $1995.00! that talks more about the riches you will make on the old AdSense game of link posting, which really does not bring you the huge piles of income Morrison claims you will make with his system.

Most of his victims have been conned through his late night infomercials. When you order the program, the endless calls from Advertising Profits From Home sales team will inundate and wear you out until you agree to buy the insanely priced seminar.

The materials Advertising Profits From Home puts out on the website are half baked and lack most of the needed information to make the program work. Morrison gets the majority of his targets from his late night infomercials, by telling them he will share his secret formula that helped him make millions very quickly.

Anybody that believes his malarkey that just reading a small cheap book will make them a millionaire has got to be pretty desperate. This is the kind of victim that Advertising Profits From Home and Morrison designed this scheme for, and to lure in. There are many of them out there that make it worth his while to keep the scam going.

There are so many complaints about Advertising Profits From Home that it leaves very little room for doubt that this scam has been hurting many people. However, proof is in testing. This is the result of checking them out.

If you order the book and subscribe to the membership, it’s near impossible to cancel or get your money back. so the best thing in this scenario is to cancel your actual credit card and ignore their emails and phone calls trying to lure you back.

All the usual factors in a scam are all here, including the horrible customer service, the high pressure boiler room selling useless coaching programs, the minimally cranked out mediocre excuse for a marketing training course and excessively priced seminars that do nothing for you but leave you broke.

But if all this is not enough for you, add to all this terribleness, Advertising Profits From Home also collects user info for resale to third party clients. Phishing is used to collect personal and confidential data such as financial, and to use for identity theft.

For example, when you register to join the membership program, they ask for your social security number up front. This is not a typical routine unless they use it for nefarious purposes.

Getting mixed up with Advertising Profits From Home is the worst idea in the history of bad internet marketing ideas. Stay away from this money pit.

Thanks for reading

– David


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