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Abbey’s Blog Scam Review

Abbey’s Blog by Abbey Fredrickson, found at, is just another of your common scams featuring fictional working moms contrived to haul in desperate real live moms who wish to work from home and to spend watching their children grow. That’s what makes us go after scammers like this.

Any company willing to prey on the weakness of people deserves to be exposed for what they are, and the signs of trickery are all here at Abbeys Blog. Allow us to show you several of them to watch for not only here but on all the standard scam sites like this one.

Abbeys Blog uses one of 6 or 7 designs that scammers like to use to lure newcomers into their con. This particular one looks homespun, as if some working mom would actually have made with contrived warmth and friendly colors. The neuro-linguistics of the site draw you towards things like the family photos, which are all taken from a public images stock photo website that you can use as well.

Look deep and see that there are things that don’t seem right here. The story looks authentic, but the paycheck seems fabricated, so I decided to look for the check’s sender info, and lo and behold, the complaints about the fake company from Nevada just poured out of the search engine.

It’s a fake check. Then again, we have seen it thousands of times on these clone sites so we know to spot the scam easily when it rears its ugly head. The company name and address is something I never stopped to research until now, so that was interesting. As many of the scams we expose, we always find some nuance to explore and expose.

For what “Abbey’s Blog” is offering you to do, it seems rather an extravagant amount of money to be making, but there you go. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I know there are unsuspecting moms out there who are going to want to stick up for this fictional working mom who made it, but when they write us and tell us how they were ripped off for thousands, all we can do is shake our heads.

Before I get to how they do it, I strongly urge anyone to read the disclaimers and caveats at the bottom of these scams. ‘Abbeys Blog’ is no different. Everything you see up top is refuted down below. They have to, or the lawsuits would just grow like mountains. Their crafty lawyers give them the necessary language to weasel out of liability attacks.

The video embedded in Abbeys Blog showing earnings calculations is just laughable. Then below it, the fictional Abbey character writes, that before you know it you have about five grand a month from placing ads that compete with millions everywhere. So many that most people rarely click on them, which is what you hope they don’t do, otherwise you never get paid.

In fact, you don’t get paid until someone actually buys something after clicking on that ad you paid to place on a site. That’s a lot of maybes for Abbeys Blog to bravely state your income can be hundreds a day in under an hour spent at your computer. Nonsense. Don’t drink their kool-aid.

Thanks for reading

– David


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