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A to Z Cash System

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A to Z Cash System Scam Review

by David Harris

“A to Z Cash System”, by Jennifer Becker and found at is yet another scam by the folks who brought you Income Infuser and Easy Cash On Demand System.

Both were terrible scams claiming outlandish statements that you can make thousands of dollars per month using their system.

The basic problem with “A to Z Cash System” is that they say they will help you earn lots of money by working online from your home.

However, they do not tell you what it is you will be doing to earn thins income, even though you may not have any skills to do so.

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One of the many other issues I have with A to Z Cash System is that they didn’t even bother to change the old names throughout the website they are still called by the old scam names.

Maybe they figure people either have short memories or newbies won’t check.

Then there are the fabricated endorsements with stock photos you can find in stock photo websites.

These testimonials have also been put up from their old scam sites with the company name changed to fit A to Z Cash System, except they forgot to change it elsewhere on the page, including the disclaimer!

A to Z Cash System uses every trick in the book including the fake checks and ‘bank statements’, the phony working mom, Jennifer Becker, and a countdown clock to pressure you into signing up for their last spot available.

I find it interesting that ‘A to Z Cash System’ lists what they are NOT, including MLM, pyramid scheme, bogus data entry scam, envelope stuffing rip-off, and rebate processing scam.

I will tell you what kind of scam it is an affiliate marketing scam.

The trouble starts with you giving A to Z Cash System your telephone number for the free phone consultation offered on the web site.

They’ll swarm you with calls from aggressive salespeople so good they’ve been known to talk people into spending thousands.

The chances of getting ripped off by this company are very high.

The registration fee of about twenty dollars is just the beginning of the nightmare if you do sign up with A to Z Cash System.

I do not recommend “A to Z Cash System”.

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