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The 7 Day Cash Test

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The 7 Day Test – Scam Review

The 7 Day Test, by Jean and Randy Jett found at, is a long running scam that is so problematic and frustrating that many unhappy customers have filed complaints about them everywhere online.

This team of scammers at “The 7 Day Test” has their game pretty well figured out. They take your money, put it in an interest growing account, and in exchange give you a worthless duplicate content website that won’t even index on the search engines.

Then they sit back and wait for your money to gain interest. They expect you to want your money back, but they wait long enough to make their profit before they do. Sometimes they get lucky if folks don’t ask for it back.

‘The 7 Day Test’ charges over a hundred dollars and more if they can, so you can see how they make their money over time from so many unsuspecting people who want to succeed at online marketing.

Despite the warnings, complaints and rip off reports The 7 Day Test has been around since 2009. We can only hope they catch these people soon and shut them down for good. Here are some of the problems with their system.

The 7 Day Test websites are nothing but exact copies, and they hand out these identical sites to everyone. The back-links are nonexistent so you will get little to no worthwhile visitors.

Their audacious claim that no promoting or marketing is needed should give you a wary feeling. After all, driving traffic to your site is the most important factor in helping you to earn income online.

Links on your site will keep going to the home page every time. The 7 Day Test rarely responds to emails, adding to your frustration. What’s worse, the content goes against everything Google warns you about.

Google has detailed language in their Webmaster Guidelines that forbids matching content within or across domains. If you try to use their content and are spotted by Google, your Adsense account will be suspended or shut down.

You may find some websites that make “The 7 Day Test” sound like a miracle money maker. They are put up by either the scammers or their shills trying to get your money. They are all vague as to how it really works, but they make all sorts of empty promises.

At this point, I want to let you know some of the other site names the scammers of The 7 Day Test also go by, including 247ClickBankGoogleCash, 3500Weekly, BigCashToMake, EasyBigChecks, OnlineDailyCashCow, YouWillGetPaid and more.

Most if not all have the same content with Internet Secrets at the top of the site all the way down to the opt-in form. They are a part of Clickbank, so you will get a refund from them, but as I said, only after The 7 Day Test makes their money from collecting interest.

Just do yourself a favor and stay away from this mother of all scams.

I do not recommend The 7 Day Test.

Thanks for reading

– David


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