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37 Clicks Scam Review

by David Harris

“37 Clicks”, by Kelly Scott and found at, is a recent entry into the affiliate marketing scams known as a link posting scam.

37 Clicks is disguised as a business opportunity claiming that anyone can make a lot of money just by posting advertising links.

There are many things wrong with 37 Clicks, but at the start is the fictional single working mom Kelly Scott and phony story created to work on your emotions.

This character, Kelly Scott, is allegedly a single mother who makes a whopping fortune and successful living with 37 Clicks.

The same scam has previously been peddled as Home Internet Career, Careers for you and other names.

37 Clicks claims she is the number one home business consultant but it’s not true because she’s not real. In fact nothing on this scam site is real.

There are many duplicate scam sites like 37 Clicks. You’ll see the same content word for word, graphic for graphic on every one of the other clone scam sites under different names.

As soon as the scammers who run 37 Clicks realize it is exposed, they abandon the scam and create another one under a different name and URL, but we are constantly on the hunt for them.

Here’s a description to the actual scam, 37 Clicks, and its bag of dirty tricks from beginning to end starting with the opt-in page.

First, you won’t find any details of what 37 Clicks is or how you’d make the huge amount of money they claim, yet they want you to sign in to the next page to find out.

This is so 37 Clicks can get your email address as part of their scheme to get all your personal info they can get you to give up including your credit card info.

Once in, they create a false sense of urgency with the old 2 positions left, act now ploy. However, 37 Clicks resembles nothing close to a job.

37 Clicks is a very risky home business venture, and one they never quite manage to explain or describe in any detail on their presentation pages. That is not how the real world works.

If you take the time to read the disclaimers on 37 Clicks you will see that their lawyers have carefully worded that nothing on the hype is true.

Nothing including the use of the network news logos at the top of the pages is true. None of the news organizations ever give them the right to use their logo pictures.

Down the page from the fake mom’s fake story and the accompanying stock images photo, there are shill comments from nonexistent people, fake income statements and fabricated check.

None of it is real. The only thing real is the news video at the top of 37 Clicks and that was misappropriated without authorization of the news network.

One of our sources, an investigative reporter for a major news channel informed us that the video that has been constantly used by the scammers’ clone sites without the knowledge of the networks.

The problem is that they don’t have the budget, resources or manpower to after scams like 37 Clicks, so they get away with it every time a new scam pops up.

You must be careful of this other trick they use: phony titles and fake certifications with concocted names like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

Sadly, 37 Clicks is a total loss program designed to make the operators of this scam all the money and nobody else.

How they do this is with a floor of sleazy boiler room sales people trained to talk newcomers into paying more money after they sign up with 37 Clicks to pay as much as tens of thousands of dollars for “business coaching” upsells that are completely ineffective.

Good luck trying to get your money back from 37 Clicks when you realize it’s a scam. By then it will be too late and they will have pulled stakes and moved their carnie show along with no contact info in sight.

37 Clicks will not help you make money online from home with link posting and it will drain your bank account for as long as they can get away with it.

Do not trust the VeriSign and other security links at the bottom of the 37 Clicks page. The links are dead and only for show.

This is a total scam. Get far away from 37 Clicks the moment you see their site or spam ad in your email inbox.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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