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123 Income Academy

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123 Income Academy Scam Review

by David Harris

123 Income Academy, by Jennifer Smith and found at, is another of those never-ending clone sites hard wired to take as much of your money as possible.

The work from home mom is a fiction made up to work on your emotions so that you get excited and inspired enough to sign up and give up your personal information along with your credit card.

What I mean by clones is that they made an error leaving code on the title of the page when I found it.

It was headed with “sales_page ReBrand NewHdr” (which is short for “Sales Page Rebrand New Header”).

That means it was an existing site from before and they had to rename it 123 Income Academy to create a new scam.

They have it down to a science, jumping from one name to the next.

This also proves our point even more that they barely change the content on these scam sites.

Again, all the warning signs of a scam are all there, starting with the news logos that make you think they are endorsed by them.

If you read the disclaimers you will see that the represented news organizations have absolutely nothing to do with 123 Income Academy.

There are a few more disturbing issues in the disclaimer too, so be sure to read it thoroughly.

The fake mom, Jennifer Smith, does not exist any where online outside of this scam.

Just try searching for her. 123 Income Academy uses the same story as all the other scam sites but they just change the name of the work from home mom every time.

123 Income Academy also uses the same ploy of limited spots available to create a sense of urgency in you to sign up.

There’s no such thing. Opting in will takes you to the page with all the fake testimonials and fake news clip.

All the photos are stock pictures taken from a stock photo site.

You can go to the photo sites and find the same photos. Even Jennifer Smith’s photo is a stock picture.

The actual “job” is not a job but a work from home opportunity through link posting, which involves time, effort and more investment.

Usually you don’t make a huge amount of money doing this, contrary to what 123 Income Academy claims.

The worst thing about scams like 123 Income Academy is that they actually have their aggressive salespeople call you for useless business coaching programs that do nothing for you but drain you bank account.

Steer very clear of this scam, 123 Income Academy, and you will be a lot happier, believe me.

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