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1000 Per Day System

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1000 Per Day System Review

by David Harris| February 4, 2022, at 8:48 AM:

1000 Per Day System by Lee McKenna is found at

This is another one of those internet marketing systems that promise you will make at least a thousand dollars a day if you use it the right way.

However, it is no different than many others that you’ve likely seen just like it.

1000 Per Day System is as ‘scammy’ as scams can get and I say this right from the start!

Right from the start, Lee McKenna has you join at a hefty price of over $600.

He shows you what he calls proof of his earnings with

Which, his figures amount to about $20k or $30k on average every month and on high months as much as $60k a month.

However, he said in so many words that he fakes his earnings with his 1000 Per Day System most of the time using old con man tricks.

Intrigued by how he forged his proof of earnings videos on I looked into it.

I found a statement he made in which he says you just mail yourself the money and videotape yourself opening the envelope.

He also has stated that he uses a program to edit the text of the web page he happens to be on.

You can be sure that his tricks are being exposed.

There is a fairly large amount of negative press online about Lee McKenna’s reputation.

And chances are 1000 Per Day System will not work as he claims it to.

Most systems like his are usually sold at around $50 to $100 dollars online.

So the fact that is being sold for such a high amount of from $600 to $1000 is pretty ridiculous.

The real ploy once you sign up with the 1000 Per Day System is to get your personal data and credit card info.

This is so he can then get his team of boiler room salespeople to get you to upgrade to what they call a better system.

They use aggressive sales tactics and can be very persuasive.

Many have fallen for his schemes and lost tens of thousands of dollars with McKenna and the 1000PerDaySystem. is not a program I recommend anybody get involved with at any cost.

Not only is it a misleading product, it is nothing but a con job by a very crafty individual.

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