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Special Message from ScamXposer.com owner David Harris:

“What I will be showing you here in my Special Message relates to the income opportunity itself and not the usage of the product.

Although the product is excellent and you can use it to make money with too, I want to show you another way to make money that uses massive leverage instead.

This is my favorite way to make money.

Epic Trading is now my top recommended business and is so good that I’m now a member myself.

I don’t just join and recommend any old business.

It must be super special and pass my rigorous vetting process.

Nothing else that you’re thinking of doing to make money from home can come close to its potential.

Epic Trading has the absolute best compensation plan I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen 1000s of them.

In fact, if there is another income opportunity out there that is as good or better than Epic Trading, I want to know about it and will give you $100 cash to your PayPal for telling me about it.

Epic Trading is truly unique and how they are doing it has never been done before.
I want to pay it forward…

For those of you that join me in Epic Trading, you will get 6 commission generating customers/members from me for free to build your own business.

I will be giving you at least 6 customers/members, likely many more, but 6 is the minimum.

3 of them will be personally referred customers/members (your monthly membership is free with 3 personals and that 3 also makes you 100% commission qualified).

And 3 additional customers/members assigned to the 3 personally referred customers/members I first gave you adding to your group total.

6 customers/members are worth at least $600. ($100+ value each) – (please see the “Epic Trading Compensation Plan” to understand the massive value I’m offering you here).

When those 6 customers/members get their own customers/members, they all count towards your next commission Rank, and so on.

These 6 total customers/members will also be getting their own customers/members from me adding even more customers/members to your total group business volume.
For example, with as few as 10 total customers/members in your group (regardless of who put the customers/members there), your monthly membership is free and you would be making $500 per month in passive residual income and this is only the first step to much higher earnings.

The highest level of earnings in Epic Trading is $1,000,000 per month and you still only need a total of 3 personally referred customers/members (which you get from me for free if you are one of my Pre-launch 60) to qualify to earn that (but you still need business volume).

So it’s 3 personals + business volume (total number of customers/members you have in your group) = Rank – (Rank dictates commission amount earned – see comp plan for details).
So since everyone only needs to get 3 personally referred customers/members ever to qualify to earn the maximum possible commissions and the rest of what you need is business volume (in the form of customers/members)…

I can freely give away (re-assign you as the referrer) all of my new personal referrals to my group without hurting my own business!

Actually, doing this will greatly strengthen it.

Giving away (for free or by selling) my new personal referrals helps my team members by removing 2 major hurdles of home-based income opportunities.

#1.) Having to pay an on-going monthly auto-ship fee.

#2.) Taking way too long to start making any real money.

The first one is quickly taken care of with the 3 free customers/members that you will get as part of my “Pre-launch 60” so you don’t have to pay the monthly auto-ship for the product membership anymore.

The second one is taken care of by helping you get close to or all the way to the Rank of Founder 500 where you will be earning a $500 per month passive residual income.
I’m only offering the free customers/members (free to you, but costs me) to the first 60 people that join me between now and September 21st, after that, these customers won’t be free anymore, but will cost at least $50 each ($100+ value each) on a first-come-first-served basis.

Obviously customers/members from me are still worth it even if you had to pay for them.

If you bought 10 customers/members from me for $50 each or $500 total, achieved Founder 500 Rank, and then was paid $500 per month in passive income, $6,000 per year, that is way more than worth it… right?

On top of the free customers/members, you’ll get from me, you will also be included in the on-going team traffic rotator that has the potential of giving you many more customers/members for free.

Keep in mind that everyone on your team will also be in the free team traffic rotator, adding even more total customers/members to your group.

Whenever anyone in your group gets customers/members, they all count towards your business volume and Rank (commissions).

Epic Trading is not the same old same old BS that’s all over the Internet today.

It is 100% real, legitimate, legal, ethical, and moral and will make a lot of people very wealthy.
I strongly urge you to read this entire review.

I know it’s not in video format, but it is still worth your time to go through everything.

I’m here to help my team grow as fast as possible.

It’s only $19.99 to join during pre-launch & $99.99 after, but free with the 6 from me.

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FYI, if you still see this offer up and live, it’s still available.

I will be modifying the review at the deadline or when I hit 60 beforehand.

The 60 is almost done, don’t wait until the 20th to get in.

FB DM, email, text, or call me with any questions (contact details listed below review).

– David”
Please read the main review for complete details and understanding.
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– David