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I was introduced to the Secret Lead Factory and the Little Ticket to Wealth together. The program offered people who responded to the choice of 2 packages with the two programs. One was for a $200.00 startup cost for 200,000 leads. The ongoing cost for 200,000 email addresses was $20.00. The other package was for $400.00 for 400,000 email addresses and a super duper email blaster that was supposed to send a message to all the addresses over the month.
The “initial” cost of $200.00 or $400.00 was paid to the “nearest” “upline” sponsor who had purchased the program equal to the purchase. In my case my sponsor had only purchased the $200.00 package so his sponsor who qualified received the $400.00.
Every month after the enrolee could pay $40.00 for 400,000 addresses or $20.00 for 200,000 addresses.
The Email blaster had a limit of 5000 broadcast messages a day meaning that I was only able to send 155000 messages out of 400,000 addresses.
The company also had a program whereby you could purchase 400,000 “qualified” leads promoting the two programs instead of your own. This meant that the company was having you buy Qualified leads that had a terrible conversion rate. After 2 months and approximately 800,000 messages, I had no conversions.
When I was sending my own 5000 messages a day I included my own email address so that I could see that the message got through and how it looked. I would say that 9 out of 62 messages made it to my email address and none of these messages 310,000 out of 800,000 emails converted..
After 2 months of paying $89.00 for them to advertise their company on my behalf earned me any sales
I see that the company is still in business, but I can’t tell what has changed since their web site will be down for another 3 weeks.


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