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Focusline Surveys a Scam?

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I’m not at all happy with this site. They hardly contact you when there is a survey. I always have to check my account to see if there are any.
And to top it, when I do participate in a survey (I did one today which took over 30 mins and the following as usual happened) I reached 100% completion only to be told I didn’t qualify. Simply unfair, a waste of time. Don’t expect to ever reach they checkout money

HostessForHospitality on :

Focusline Surveys is a dangerous scam! There are also stingy lying a-holes. If they don’t want me to say that, I dare them to sue me.

I have done surveys with Focusline Surveys for a year. I often did not qualify because I was honest, even when it was clear that I could have lied because it was often quite obvious what answers they were seeking. Because doing surveys is not my livelihood but just a little way to treat myself to something if I get an incentive and to perhaps chat with other consumers who like the things that I like, I answered the surveys that did not demand that I appear on webcam with no idea how that video would actually be used or how it would be edited by someone who was remaining anonymous and so on and so forth. After all of this time, I finally “qualified” for a “reward” and chose a WalMart card since Walmart has a large variety of merchandise.

Then I got to the Walmart store on Wednesday with the “gift card” that had been e-mailed to me two days earlier and found that there was absolutely nothing to spend on that “card”. I was owed only $50 after all of those months and all of those many surveys, but this cheap Focusline Surveys couldn’t even see fit to pay that after over a year of selling my personal information for their profit.

I used to do market research work over 20 years ago, and my company was legitimate. Focusline Surveys is a complete fraud. After I contacted them to say that my “rewards” card was no good, I got an e-mail from someone identifying himself as “Josh Robert” from Focusline Surveys who said only that they were aware of the gift cards containing no value. He did not say that they were going to pay me what they promised or anything like that.

Do not waste your time giving any personal information about yourself to this very dishonest company. If they will screw an honest respondent out of a lousy $50, they sure can’t be trusted with any personal information such as your home address or your telephone number or a webcam video of you. I am so glad that I refused to do certain surveys with these people, even though I worked for a company that did tape interviews with respondents because my company paid what we promised people. Focusline Surveys will cheat you out of a sum that they can well afford because I know what kind of mark-up the clients pay for market research results.

If you are a client of this company in hopes of generating legitimate market research of the demographics most likely to buy your product, you are a sucker as well. Those cheating your respondents out of such small sums of money will certainly commit fraud against you because there are much larger sums of money at stake from your pockets.

If you don’t want to listen, that is up to you. However, I have only one parting word for you, if you don’t take what I say seriously: SUCKERS!


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