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Easy Home Business  

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I found out about this company three days ago when I was looking for jobs. After browsing the web page, I submitted my details at 4:40 PM for them to get in contact. I got a confirmation email at 4:40 PM, which also provided more information. The next day a man named Eddie Zieger, a Senior Client Adviser, called me at 2:52 PM. During our conversation he spoke about the individual success stories of others who started up businesses with them, earning six figure amounts within 2 years. Ed asked me some questions about my circumstances and my experience with eBay, then talked more about what they do. I explained that I’d recently finished my studies, and had about 10 grand in savings, but about 8 grand or more of that was given to me from my grandparent for things like saving for a mortgage deposit, so I probably only wanted to spend about $700 (he asked me how much I’d be prepared to spend for education). He said he’d email me providing more information (which he did at 3:30 PM, with two emails), and scheduled a time to chat at 10:15 AM the next day, once I had had a chance to read the information. I can’t seem to paste images here, so I’ll have to copy and paste the text of the emails. Email 1: —- eBay education summary Inbox x Eddie Zieger 18 Mar (2 days ago) to me Hi James In a summary here is some more information on what Easy Home Business eBay education can offer you. Our goal will be to help you take your eBay business to a higher level within a matter of weeks. Start producing Income and grow your eBay business in to a valuable asset. What we provide are two elements:- 1. eBay Education You receive an entire eBay education course delivered to your door step on HOW to successfully run an eBay business from home. The pack consists of step by step simple instructions. It includes DVDs, 2x manuals and audio. Every aspect of running a very lucrative automated business is covered. It is easy to follow and understand. 2. Mentoring,Coaching and Support. We help you grow your business from the very beginning by laying the Blue Print Foundation with your help for success. The course will establish your goals, wants, needs and desires. This is where we clarify exactly what it is you want from running a home based eBay business. The coaches also work with you live and guide you on the fastest route to take. The course will show you how too identify the hottest items in demand and show you where the most profits can be made. We help you to build a cluster of products that the buyers are seeking to purchase. We show you how to automate your business and how to get your hands on a never ending supply of stock straight from the suppliers to your customers. Other Information that will also be provided include:- 1x getting to know eBay DVD 1x disc – how to access brand name products 3x discs Tele-Seminars 4x Mc eBay Day seminar Work shop 3 day live 9 discs 4x tickets to future 3 day work shop to attend live Complete overhaul of your eBay business, when up and running 2x Manuals and eBay Magic Course disc x 12 discs One on one with support for sourcing hottest items on eBay Lifetime guidance and support via email and video Lifetime of eBay updates and interesting facts as they occur Plus much much more + Your one on one mentoring calls, which will give you all the guidance and help to launch a very successful business. We provide a rock solid GUARANTEE, no risk to you lifetime guarantee. Please see Booklet 7 in the information link in my previous email. As you can see from the above James, you will have a huge amount of support from our mentors and help desk assisting you wherever possible in creating a very viable eBay business. Support will be there every step of the way if you require it. I hope this helps you further. Warmly, Eddie Zieger Senior Client Advisor PH 07 5526 9639 | FAX 07 5539 9756 | MOB 0416 279 333 | P.O. Box 776 Broadbeach QLD 4218 **** Email 2: **** eBay education centre Inbox x Eddie Zieger 18 Mar (2 days ago) to me Hi James I appreciate you taking the time to chat today and to get to know you a bit better. I’m excited for you that you have discovered eBay and what it will mean to you to have a successful eBay business. So well done. I’m sure we can work together to turn your dreams into an exciting reality. Your next step is to watch the DVD we have prepared for you. Simply click the link below and our DVD will automatically play, explaining everything about the eBay Magic at home study training and how it all works. There are also 7 small booklets for you to have a read through. Booklet 7 will take you through the full structure and comprehensive support we offer with our training. I look forward to answering all your questions tomorrow, Thursday 19th at 10.15am. P.S. If you get through the information and would like to catch up for a chat sooner please don’t hesitate to send me a TEXT or call on: 0416279333 Warmly, Eddie Zieger Senior Client Advisor PH 07 5526 9639 | FAX 07 5539 9756 | MOB 0416 279 333 | P.O. Box 776 Broadbeach QLD 4218 —– I replied to the first email at 7:00 PM, thanking him and asking a question about sharing the education resources to start an online business selling on eBay over the Cloud, rather than by discs. I replied to the second email at 6:56 PM saying that I’d call him once I had had time to look over the information. Ed then called me at 7:17 PM . Today Ed sent me a text at 12:06 PM touching base to see if we could have a chat. I then called him, and I asked him how much the costs involved are. After launching into a long spiel, he said that the costs were about $4000 (clarifying the exact price as something like $3799), and this was for education resources, the helpdesk, and mentoring. He clarified that this was a double money back guarantee. I asked him what this meant, and he explained that the second part was that they give you your money back if you don’t get a return on investment. He said I could be earning $700 to $1000 per week. I asked him what a typical payback time was–he said about 30-60 days. After asking how long it might take if I did this full-time, he said those payback times were working part-time at 10-15 hours per week, and so I’d get a faster payback if I made a full-time effort. All-in-all, the company seems legit., but I am still hesitant about putting $3799 on the line when I don’t know what I’m getting yet. I still need to read through all the information that I’ve been given in the emails. I’m inclined to try starting up an online selling business by myself, or failing that look at other alternative companies providing assistance at a lower cost. He said he’d call me today at 2:30 PM, it is now 1:55 PM.

easyhome is a scamming business.They tell you about all these great products from12 -27 /week but what they don’t tell you is that you have hidden fees ,interest charges, insurance fees, protection fees and lots more loopholes. you will keep paying but could never pay it off and if you miss a payment they will be at your home to get the products even when you sign up and pay insurance for when you can’t pay. Buyers beware. They are business sharks.don’t get involve.

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