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World Ventures

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World Ventures

by David Harris

“World Ventures”, by Wayne Nugent, Mike Azcue and Sean Wilson and found at, is a Multi-Level Marketing business that uses travel as its cover for recruitment centric purposes.

They do however offer limited and conditional discount packages, airfare not included, to World Ventures members.

It is debatable whether World Ventures travel products are really cost effective or not, as other travel service sites do offer low airfare prices in their packages.

Just to point out something for an upcoming statement, let’s explore their package pricings. Starting at the top you have the rep and Dream Trip package of $1,000 to join plus $100 a month fee.

All the way down to a hundred join fee plus 11 a month, and other tiers in between. Again, none of these include airfare

Again, the World Ventures packages are not such a deal when considering that other travel sites provide that for considerably lower and they do have flight discounts on top.

This makes World Ventures a hard product to sell, so they want you to focus on recruiting others to join under you.

A side note – Norway’s gaming board considers World Ventures a pyramid scheme and WV lost their appeal to change their decision, so at least one country says they are.

We are not here to dispute or support that. All we do suggest you consider is that you look at the 99% failure rate of most MLM ventures.

If you do decide to join and regret your decision, remember you only have 14 days to try to get a refund, so time is of the essence.

If you look closely you will see that some of the destination packages are very similar but World Ventures presents them with slightly different variations to look as if they have a variety.

Other travel sites also offer services for free that a lot of what World Ventures offers at a premium price, so why bother going with them would be the question to ask.

Their managerial response is that if you recruit others to join under you then your travel costs get a bit lower.

That is not much of a selling point, especially if you have to try to talk others into it when World Ventures’ stats include a 77.5% rate of non earners in their distributors’ list.

Even more disturbing, the average indie rep makes only a couple hundred and 95% of their members have reported losing money on this risky venture.

Then you throw in their maddeningly confounding compensation plan and you have an mlm that is full of red flags to watch out for. The most you can make is a 65% cap according to their rules.

Incidentally, several ex World Ventures people have publicly talked about a class action lawsuit, and the company itself has narrowly escaped indictment for tax fraud and other possible violations.

Court case documents can be found online if you search well enough. However, again this review is focusing on the aspects of making money from home with Multi Level Marketing and the lack thereof with World Ventures.

As noted in the basic stats we’ve provide above, you can see that it is extremely dicey to engage in business with World Ventures either as a representative or even just a basic member.

Despite the fact that their pricing is not cost effective, the mlm part of World Ventures has its share of issues to contend with.

I won’t consider World Ventures a scam by any means, but I will say that we here at ScamXposer do not usually recommend multilevel marketing as a way of earning a living no matter what their hype would lead you to believe.

There are many unhappy customer/members who have registered complaints online about World Ventures and the only good things you might find are from reps who put up fake review sites with their recruiter links to get people to sign up under them.

Beware of World Ventures. I do not recommend this risky venture to anyone wanting to make a living online from home.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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