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Wealth System Webinar

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Wealth System Webinar Review

by David Harris

The “Wealth System Webinar” income opportunity is from Blair Phillips and found at

This is another one of the many heavily advertised “” websites. Top Recommended Business

“Coach Blair” has sold the same program by different names in the past.

He is probably changing the names of his marketing funnels to get around all of the negative reviews that are hurting sales conversions.

Wealth System Webinar is nothing more than a way over-priced pay-to-play money game that will likely leave you in massive debt.

The income statements or checks you saw in the videos are definitely not typical of what members see after they join.

I’m going to show you exactly what I mean in this review.

I will show you proof that the 43 products listed are worth only a teeny tiny fraction of what Wealth System Webinar is charging for them.

Most of these products are very old and outdated.

I found some that were written way back in 2010.

That’s something like 100 internet years ago. 😉

This is why they never talk about the value of the products and what you can get out of them.

There really just isn’t a whole lot of value there.

They only talk about how much money you can make selling this program and that’s it.

Watch the videos again, where exactly are they talking about how great the products are?

Wealth System Webinar system is not a network marketing or MLM business so there are no levels or downlines to speak of.

So that’s a positive.

There is no residual income or passive income component to this either…

At least, not for you there isn’t.

However, the coaches are a different story as they get the orphaned commissions you and everyone else is not qualified to receive.

Although they say that they will close all of your sales for you, you will still need to get your own prospects or leads.

So… how exactly will you get leads or prospects for them to close for you?

This is, of course, not free either.

So this is much more additional debt that you will need to take on just to get this started.

The lead or prospect generation is entirely up to you.

You can however purchase leads directly from Wealth System Webinar from their advertising co-op for up to $12.00 each.

This is what most people that join end up having to do.

This might sound like a great deal, but they will not tell you where they are getting these leads from nor their quality.

These could be $0.02 leads they are selling to you for $12.00 each.

They could even be very old warn-out leads that are completely worthless.

Most will assume it will be from the same advertising sources where you found out about this.

But that’s certainly not guaranteed.

I had a woman that joined this program contact me to tell me that she paid $2,000 for their leads and never got 1 sale.

This is after paying $7,000 for the $14,000 level upgrade.

All the leads were given to her in a very short time right after ordering them.

This leads me to believe that these were from an old worn-out list and not live leads.

Live leads are people that just requested information on the business and are live on the site checking it out.

Old worn-out leads are leads that checked out whatever other business eons ago and probably haven’t been interested in any opportunity for years.

Needless to say, you will not be getting any sales from these types of leads.

They were probably emailed info about this business and response or not, they were counted as a lead.


There were never any leads sent to her business in the first place.

They just pocketed the money for nothing in return but a promise that something was done.

Either way, you will never receive a list of your leads to confirm any of this.

What is the actual quality of these high-dollar leads?

Wealth System Webinar doesn’t speak to any of this.

What will you have to spend in advertising costs just to get 1 sale at any level or amount?

What is the lead to conversion ratio like?

Is there some kind of guarantee for how many leads will turn into paying customers?

No, of course, there isn’t.

You really need to know how much traffic will be required to make 1 sale.

What if you have to spend $10,000 worth in leads just to make $1,500 in commissions back?

“Wealth System Webinar” coaches get paid when you buy their expensive leads and when you finally make a sale.

There is no point in which they are in a position to lose any money like you are after you join.

I bet you didn’t consider any of this, did you?

Making $100,000 from this sounds great unless you have to spend $120,000 worth in leads to make it.

It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.

What’s the net income?

All of those commission checks shows in their advertising conveniently leave that part out.

Where does Wealth System Webinar talk about the costs involved in making those commission checks they keep showing you?

Keep in mind that this is all the while you are competing with those very same marketing veteran pros…

The so-called coaches.

The same pros that are supposed to be closing all of these sales for you are also marketing this themselves.

This is not the level playing field you were lead to believe it was, is it?

And on top of all of that…

You will have to trust that every sale you do make is actually paid out to you.




You will have to rely on your coach to pay you all the proceeds from sales that you qualify for.

This is not something that you can check up on yourself as they are holding all of the cards.

These Wealth System Webinar coaches could just keep the majority of YOUR sales for themselves.

Who would be the wiser?

Certainly not you!

Remember, they are the ONLY ones talking to YOUR prospects and telling them where they need to send the payments.

What’s stopping them from telling half your leads to pay them everything and leaving you out of it entirely?

It’s already set up so that any sales above what you are qualified to receive will be going through them anyway.

Only then will they send you the lessor payment… maybe.

Do you really want to trust with your commissions… your money?

I sure wouldn’t!

Now, what about these way overpriced products in Wealth System Webinar I mentioned at the beginning of this review?

Where’s the value in these astronomically priced information products?

There really isn’t much of any.

There isn’t anyone buying these products outside of this system for the prices they are charging.

Absolutely no one!

100% Guaranteed.

This is because no one in their right mind would ever spend that kind of crazy money for those product packages…

That is… without being able to resell it for those way over-priced amounts themselves.

This is exactly what I mean about Wealth System Webinar just being a pay-to-play money game.

The products are added simply as a formality to make what is doing legal… barely.

Here are the 4 product package levels and associated costs:

$3,000 Gold Level + $247 admin fee = $3,247

$7,000 Platinum Level + $447 admin fee = $7,447

$14,000 Diamond Level + $647 admin fee = $14,647

$21,000 Ultra Royal + $847 admin fee = $21,847

(The sales that the success coach makes for you will pay you $1,500 up to $15,750 – 50% up to 75%).

Every one of Wealth System Webinar’s products is actually only $7.99 at the Private Label Rights website PLR Products found at

Feeling ripped off by yet?

Get what I’m talking about now?

Here’s a sample of Wealth System Webinar’s “high dollar” products…

The Total Ultra Royal Package Price is only $21,847.

LOL… “only” $21,847.

LOL… “Ultra Royal Package” sounds impressive & expensive 😉

This is the first product listed in that package:

Viral Marketing Warrior.

This is the image of this PLR product on the Wealth System Webinar…

Ultra Royal Package PLR Products

This same product is retailed for $7.99 on PLR Products –

Go to and see for yourself.

Just do a search for Viral Marketing Warrior or any of the others listed along with it.

PLR $7.99 Products

The rest of the products listed on Wealth System Webinar are all $7.99 from PLR Products as well.

Go ahead, do a search on all of the product titles… they are all listed there.

I even found a lot of these same PLR products on other websites for only $5.00 each.

These PLR products all include resell-rights which is how Wealth System Webinar got them for resale themselves in the first place.

So, does it sound like good business sense to overpay by 10s of $1000s for the same products you can buy elsewhere for $5.00 to $7.99 each?


I didn’t think so.

Now back to what I said at the beginning of the review…

Those 43 products across all packages come out to a total of (43 X $7.99) $343.57.

$343.57 !!!

So yes, that means you get $343.57 of value (or less) for $21,847.00 spent!

How much will you spend on advertising before you give up?




How many sales will you lose to your coach that is closing the sales for the sales you did make?

Is all of this really worth the risk of losing 10s of $1000s?

Yeah again, this is why I said that Wealth System Webinar is nothing more than a money game.

This is pretty much along the same lines as those gifting programs that give you nothing at all for your money.

Actually, some of the people behind those gifting programs decided to make their gifting programs “legal” by adding “products”.

And started up all of these low-value PLR product programs instead of another illegal gifting program.

But wait… there’s more…

If you act within 48 hours as an “Action Taker”…

Join at the $21,000 Level and earn 75% commissions instead of 50% commissions!



On top of all of this, they try to convince you to go into massive debt in order to join at the highest levels.

Most members will never make anything, but they only show the ones that did… if that’s even true.

So, yeah.

Save yourself the hassle and a lot of money and have nothing to do with the “Wealth System Webinar” or Blair Phillips

This one is not technically a scam so this one is listed as Not Recommended with a half-star rating.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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