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Viral Postcard System

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Viral Postcard System

by David Harris

“Viral Postcard System”, by Kit Elliott and found at, is a multi-level marketing business and our regular readers already know our opinion here about MLMs.

Those of you just getting here should know we frown on that model of marketing, but it’s not just our opinion, we base it on facts.

Facts indicate that MLM has a 99% failure rate, and Viral Postcard is no different. Well, a little different, but still just as risky with an added risk twist.

Viral Postcard System involves actual postcard mail outs. It was developed to benefit the creator of the system, Kit Elliot, the original part of the 1% that will ever make any decent money from it.

The product that Viral Postcard System sells is a mobile phone app called the iLivingApp, which just boils down to a schedule and time management app.

The thing is, you have one on your phone already as a default so cluttering up your phone with another one is redundant.

The difference in this Viral Postcard System mlm is that they mail 200 postcards out monthly for 7 months with your downline identification number for $100 a month.

The actual app charges $9.95 a month. Its ridiculous to pay such an exorbitant amount for any additional phone app you already have built into your phone, so selling that will be a challenge.

Viral Postcard System also tries to get you buying into their so called co-op advertising in print media, a dinosaur method at best, which in this day and age will be a money pit considering they throw your downline ID in with a bunch of others they promote.

Another issue with Viral Postcard System is that you have to have an “invitiation code” to join, which secures another of the person’s downline you join under.

As far as multi level marketing goes, it’s all a foolhardy venture, but Viral Postcard System kicks the foolishness up a notch using old mail out methods for a phone app.

I don’t even want to get into the amount of physical junk mail you will be generating out in the world and killing trees for it. Pass on Viral Postcard System.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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