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Unlimited Profits

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Unlimited Profits Review

by David Harris

“Unlimited Profits” by Robert Hollis and, found at, is a marketing system for a Multi-Level Marketing business called Gano Excel.

They sell coffee as its product but focuses much more on the recruitment model.

I will now address the actual venture Unlimited Profits is trying to get you involved in.

This is owned by Ganoderma, but I will address the underhanded approach they use to get you there.

The whole thing that Unlimited Profits wraps the Gano venture around is a 3 part series of motivational videos and marginal training on getting leads.

Hollis claims he learned what he teaches in Unlimited Profits from a billionaire.

Strangely enough, the billionaire’s name is never mentioned anywhere.

As I watched the motivational videos they took you through endless “motivational” clichés until Unlimited Profits finally gets to the point.

That is selling you on joining the Gano Excel coffee MLM venture.

They could have saved me a lot of time I won’t ever get back by saying so right at the start.

Instead, Unlimited Profits did the opposite of getting me interested by wasting all that time getting to the point.

As a general rule, I do not ever recommend multi-level marketing companies.

For the reason that only about one percent of the people involved in it ever really make the kind of money.

Those things hype you into believing you will make.

Of course, all the intro videos on the Unlimited Profits site are free.

If they weren’t it would instantly be a scam in our book.

However, the high overvalue they stress on you that those “free” videos would be worth anything more than they claim is a red flag to watch out for.

There are is no such thing as free kittens, as you probably may have heard.

The same goes for Unlimited Profits.

Watching the intro videos may be free, but there is a joining fee of about $15 a month to be a member.

But wait, there’s more!

With that join fee come more expensive upsells to sign up with that coffee MLM that Unlimited Profits pushes.

That can run you into the thousands and tons of work trying to get family and friends to join under you.

As all Multi-level Marketing companies want you to focus on more than selling the products.

We are not judging or condemning Hollis for being a successful entrepreneur.

What we are saying is, be careful when considering joining any multi-level marketing venture as the business model is set up for 95%+ to fail at.

Unlimited Profits is his marketing system and he seems to be doing well with it.

But I wonder who else and how many of them are ever really as successful at this as he is.

Chances there are only a top 1% to 2% doing as well as the hype Hollis claims you can do.

The amount of work and investment it takes to succeed at something like what Unlimited Profits is marketing is huge.

Most people like you who come to our site looking for business opportunities do not have the kind of capital it takes to stay and work at it long term.

Working hard for years before one can hopefully see any kind of return on their investments.

But like I said, 5% or fewer ever succeed in this business model.

Unlimited Profits claims investing in this is like starting a franchise under one of the successful burger joints.

However, one thing comes to mind.

Even though it is not cheap to start a corporate burger joint, your success depends on location and affordable product.

The coffee Unlimited Profits actual MLM sells is not cheap.

The amount of work it will take to recruit others who would stay at it long enough to make it worth their while and money need to also be factored in when recruiting people under you.

Also, when starting a big burger franchise you will already have investment capital, to begin with.

And income is made the minute you open the doors.

It takes years and a lot of money of your own to be one of those 1%ers that make it on any MLM venture.

No banks will gamble on that business model, but they will on a storefront franchise.

I do not recommend Unlimited Profits for all the above reasons.

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