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Ultismo Business Review

By David Harris

Ultismo, found at, is a survey middleman of sorts. The website works as a portal, the pages are placeholders for the survey links that their third party partners advertise there.

Ultismo is not the owner nor a manager for all the surveys provided. The partners are responsible for paying out to their panelists. That is one of the main factors with survey portals like Ultismo.

Since there are hundreds of research panels advertising their surveys on their website that means they are all responsible for paying out individually on each survey.

This can be good as there are many survey sites to choose from, but keeping track of who pays when can be a challenge.

Most have a minimum 10 to 20 dollar limit before they can pay out, and many of those take quite a while to reach the minimum goal.

For example, you take a survey from one partner survey site listed on Ultismo, and it might be paying $2 to complete.

You might not be eligible for another survey from that particular company for some time. The minimum payout for that company might be $20.

It could take months to reach the minimum that way. Add to that the many other ones you would try that also pay one or two bucks on completed surveys that also have minimum limits too.

As to the trustworthiness of how the survey sites on Ultismo pay out is an altogether different matter. Since anyone can advertise on the site, there’s the chance you might run into some survey sites that are less than savory.

The real name of the game here is data collection. Getting your personal info and reselling it to third party clients is the biggest source of revenue for companies like Ultismo.

That revenue is never shared with those who freely give it up. You won’t ever make a cent from Ultismo nor its clients who sell your info.

Those third party clients will also turn a round and sell your data to others, too. Then you wonder why you’re getting a virtual ton of spam in your email inbox.

It’s not like they are being sneaky about it either, as they let you know in the disclaimers in legalese wording.

Ultismo is not responsible for the actions of their advertisers’ ethics practises either.

Although it is free to join Ultismo and the minimum age is 14, there is no way you can earn enough to make a living at it. I don’t recommend Ultismo as anything more than a pastime hobby.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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