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Tube Launch Review

by David Harris

Tube Launch, by Julie Williams and found at, is a questionable training course.

It involves a marketing method in tandem with the most visited internet video website, YouTube.

This company allegedly pays you to upload 3rd party videos on the site through your own account.

However, there is a $34 dollar fee to join.

There are a few problems with this method, however.

First, there really is no need to pay anyone in order to make money on YouTube.

Since YouTube was bought out by Google, it provides an advertisement partnership, so Tube Launch is kind of redundant.

Besides, that is the least of the problems.

The biggest issue with using a service like Tube Launch to learn video marketing is that you will be learning bad habits that could end up getting your 3rd party videos deleted or worse.

Your account could be deleted and banned and your chance of ever partnering with YouTube or Google denied.

Sure, you might make a little money at first.

But YouTube does catch people who cheat and go against their terms and conditions.

Tube Launch uses a 3 step method.

First, you start an account.

Once you pay the signup fee you can track earnings activity, provided you actually make anything.

Then you choose from their list of videos to upload to your YouTube account.

That is the step that can get you in trouble.

Then, Tube Launch claims they have a secret procedure to attract lots of traffic to your videos, thereby making you money, so they say.

However, all this supposed secret really is, is spending money on spam bots that just do automatic views.

Not real people actually watching your videos.

So Tube Launch makes more money from you by selling you the views on top of what you pay to sign up.

This also is frowned upon by YouTube and gets your account permanently banned.

That means you will have wasted a bunch of money needlessly, leaving you on YouTube’s spammer blacklist.

If you’ve managed not to get caught, Tube Launch pays via Paypal or direct deposit, but that is fleeting.

You get spotted eventually.

Losses could be big if you spend a lot on the spam-bot views.

You are most likely wondering why, then, is Tube Launch such a visible site on the search engines, coupled with so many positive reviews.

They are fake and generated by those who lost big on the method and try to lure others to join through their affiliate program.

Do not be fooled by all the hype and phony testimonials.

The Tube Launch system is highly flawed and will work against you.

It’s designed to lure desperate newcomers that don’t understand the nuances of Youtube.

The ‘lessons’ in their training course are rudimentary, sometimes outright false.

And better instructions on how to use YouTube for business can be found for free just about anywhere else online.

Sadly, I can’t really call Tube Launch a scam.

Even though they come right to the edge of it, they are a Clickbank product so if you’re not happy with it you can get a refund.

But this would only be for the signup fee through Clickbank and nothing else.

We will never ever recommend Tube Launch.

It is a potentially dangerous product to use with your YouTube account.

Don’t do it.

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