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Transcriptions Jobs At Home

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Type of Business: Online Clerical Work through 3rd Party Advertisers
Skill Level Needed: Intermediate to Advanced Clerical Skills
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Transcriptions Jobs At Home Business Review

by David Harris

“Transcriptions Jobs At Home”, found at, is just a placeholder for ads that promise online work opportunity from their third party advertisers looking for people that do transcriptions from home as well as other telecommuting work.

Transcriptions Jobs At Home has no actual jobs for you, and by registering with their third party advertisers you run the risk of paying to register for their services, which I do not agree with. If you are working for someone you should not have to pay to get hired.

You also run the risk of those partners spamming your email with endless junk, which happens more often than not AND many times those companies sell your personal information to their other third party clients.

Transcriptions Jobs At Home is not an online marketing job, per se, but you will need computer software and intermediate to advanced clerical skills and previous online job expertise.

Their clients’ job requirements include having your own computer with decent internet access, a quiet work area environment and you must be able to work independently and get the assignments completed on time.

Many times, websites like Transcriptions Jobs At Home, who are just advertising platforms, sell their ad space to some less than scrupulous scammers masquerading as legitimate businesses.

These often run the bait and switch con to get you to spend more money on useless coaching programs, etc., and if you take the bait, you’ll most likely be asked to give up your credit card information to pay to join, and where the switch comes in.

Transcriptions Jobs At Home may not be a scam, but I would be very wary of who they sell ad space for, so really research those partners well before you give up any money no matter how low the initial price.

I say initial, because many scams traps hiding as real companies have a habit of charging you hidden fees monthly without your authorization once you’ve given up your financial data.

I will not deem Transcriptions Jobs At Home a scam, but I won’t recommend them either.

Thanks for reading

– David


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