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The Rich Janitor Review

The Rich Janitor by Mike Dougherty (now Mike Dee on the site) and found at, is a Pay Per Click traffic generating system.

It comes with several issues of which to be wary.

To start, The Rich Janitor uses the inconsequential “urgent call to action” ploy that most scammers use.

With a ticking clock and huge bright fonts, they try to compel you to act fast and join before the discount offer runs out.

With this tactic, TheRichJanitor also does the “only a few positions left” trick to make you think this could be a job and that is way far from the truth.

The Rich Janitor claims you can make at least $200 per day working only about 5 hours a day with no skills or internet marketing experience.

However, soon after joining and paying their $47 dollar fee, The Rich Janitor quickly offers you more and higher cost up-sells.

These come with promises of bigger commissions, yacht parties with millionaires, and luxury hotel stays… blah blah blah.

TheRichJanitor would have you pay $97 to upgrade to the first upsell then about $200 for the next then almost $500 to join their big package.

If you fall for it all they are then into you for about $850.

Then they have you pay more for your leads, which are actually duplicates of what you already bought.

The Rich Janitor tells you to contact those leads and give them the same spiel they threw at you to lure you in.

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It goes on in perpetuity until your own reputation is ruined as a scammer just like them.

What it amounts to is a pyramid styled scheme that doesn’t even really focus on the poorly put-together product they’re hocking.

That product is really just outdated article writing software.

As well as an even more out of date article submitter bot program that Google frowns upon now and will ding any SEO work that you do.

The Rich Janitor is a completely worthless system that only makes Mike Dee and his band of swindlers the only real money to be made.

You cannot expect to go very far with worn-out cold leads and bad, unusable software.

The article spinner spits out unreadable nonsense which the search algorithms also dislike and will be penalized.

The RichJanitor methods may get you banned, so be careful not to purchase this system if you do not know what you are doing.

It is definitely not newcomer friendly.

Tired The Rich Janitor tactics like promo banners, links, and prefab landing sites are now avoided by everyone who is wise to the scheme.

So responses to almost anything you do will be small and of little use to you.

The actual The Rich Janitor site access is an incomplete disorder with no sense of where to go.

The eBooks and videos are placed in no particular categories or organized sections.

Also, if you manage to make sense of any of The Rich Janitor jumble, you will be promoting the very same thing everybody else would be promoting, too.

After much digging, I found that The RichJanitor site is registered to Ankur Patel.

Not Mike Dee or Dougherty or whatever fake name they will post next month.

The alleged secret of massive internet wealth worked well enough for Patel.

But not for anyone at the bottom of the barrel because it is pretty much played out.

The phony story of a janitor who found this “secret” coincides with another scam business opportunity.

This one is called, suspiciously enough, The Rich Dishwasher, which uses a different fake name for its story.

Both use the same hosting, the same story slightly altered and the same shill comments from fictional customer testimonials.

It’s highly likely you came to this article looking for the truth after seeing at least one or two over-hyped email ads.

Those that were touting the praises of The Rich Janitor.

I can tell you it is a Clickbank product, so at least you can get a refund from them.

Trying to get one directly from The Rich Janitor has been reported to be difficult at best.

That alone saves them from us calling them a scam… barely.

We cannot in good conscience recommend TheRichJanitor.

Anyone looking for ways to legitimately make money from home through online income marketing will not find it here.

Thanks for reading our The Rich Janitor review.

by David Harris | Updated on May 1, 2022, at 11:04 AM CST:



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Kim Bradbury on :

Rich Janitor tell you repeatedly that you have to sign up quickly because they will be closing in a few minutes and they only have a handful of places left. Then when you sign up they offer 3 upsells. The first one gives you more commissions, for paying for the second one, they offer to do all the work for you and the third one they tell you that you will be invited onto a yacht and into 5 star hotels to socialise with millionaires. When the 3rd upsell was offered was when I knew I had been scammed but I had already paid $47 or $97 to join plus $197 for the 1st upsell plus another $197 for the 2nd upsell, then they wanted $497 for the 3rd upsell but I passed on it. Once I asked them to start making money for me they told me I first had to purchase solo packages from them at $100 for 100 names, then they would “help me” to send emails to solos package names, but the emails they told me to send were exactly the same as the email I received (from Suzi Phillips) – it told people they had to sign up quickly because they were closing down in just a few minutes and places were very limited. I have repeatedly asked for my money back but they refuse to answer me. I was very disappointed because the person who sent me the first email was Suzi Phillips who is supposed to have an honest reputation and it was only because the email was full of her recommendations “I stake my reputation on this program” and many other lies like that, that I purchased the program without checking it online first, because I actually trusted her to be telling me the truth; but that was the last time I ever trusted her; she cost me hundreds and hundred of dollars with her filthy lies and the stuff I accidentally tread in and then wipe off the soles of my boots is comparable to Suzi Phillips, except that filth and crud on my boot soles is relatively innocuous beside Suzi Phillips because it doesn’t deliberately scam me. Well forget Suzi Phillips’ reputation, she has now scammed so many people that there are many entries online devoted to her scamming other people. I am just sorry I didn’t know about her real reputation because her email to me was devoted to telling me how much money I could make with the Rich Janitor program, but only if I signed up immediately because, she told me that if I didn’t sign up immediately then she didn’t know how she would be able to get me into the program because it is one of the best money making programs she knows about. She went on and on about what a wonderful money making program the Rich Janitor is, but she told me again and again that I had to sign up quickly because the program was being withdrawn from sale in 30 minutes or less and places were extremely limited. Of course once I signed up, I was told I had to send others the same emails so they would all sign up immediately and then once they signed up they also would have to send out the same emails to others to tell them to sign up immediately because it was closing soon and places were limited an d so it goes on. It is nothing but a pyramid marketing scheme that goes nowhere except to keep scamming people into paying to join a program which tells them that they also have to lie to and scam people into joining. It is hideous and the Rich Janitor people are so greedy. I am so upset to be so scammed like this; how can I send people those emails and lie and lie to them? Well I can’t do it. Can anyone tell me how I can get my money back from these scammers? By the way, I see people are saying Rich Janitor is run by a “Michael Dougherty”, well he is going by the name of “Mick Dee” now and he signs all his emails “God Bless, Mick Dee”. What a hypocrite and what disgusting blasphemy to be scamming people while blessing people? I have also been absolutely spammed by this Mick Dee since signing up for Rich Janitor; several times each and every day he sends emails to me about other scam online products. He tries to sell anything he can; Binary Options scams, Make Money from Surveys and other scam online programs. The Rich Janitor people go on and on about how great the Rich Janitor program is, but its nothing but a scam which tells you to scam others and then those others get told to scam others and so on. They should be held responsible for getting me scammed by telling me she staked her reputation that this was the best online money-making program she had found, but Suzi Phillips is now denying she sent that email to me. She told me she was an affiliate of a program by the Rich Janitor people many years ago but they had somehow “swapped out” the product she was promoting and slipped in the Rich Janitor one and she claims she was not aware they had done this. What a disgusting lie- Suzi Phillips is a greedy liar who will say anything to make a buck; the sales email she sent me was actually written by the Rich Janitor people and has the same wording as the email I was told to send to the names in the solo package that the Rich Janitor people told me I now had to buy from them. Rich Janitor tells me their solo packages will get me a 2/1 or even a 3/1 return on the money I pay for the solo packages I buy from them. They are the sleaziest types of people online and I will also be placing a complaint with the Australian Federal Police and the FBI about Suzi Phillips’ immoral sales emails which are so full of lies but which she stakes her reputation on and the other false claims she makes in her emails as well as Mick Dee or Michael Dougherty or whatever his name is, at Rich Janitor since he refuses to respond to my requests for a refund. There is a woman called Janice who answered my first request for a refund, about 5 weeks ago, but I have heard nothing from them since, despite sending request after request for my money to be returned. Can you tell me if there is any place I can go to that will help me get my money back from the Rich Janitor people? I really need that money and would never have even considered that program if Suzi Phillips had not staked her reputation on how wonderful it is. I can’t believe that she has stooped so low that she will lie like this to everyone she can find to send her disgusting emails to, just to make money out of them. I have received about 15 more emails from Suzi Phillips since all emails are selling similar types of scam products which she also claims are wonderful money making programs. Both the Rich Janitor people and Suzi Phillips exhibit the lowest form of human behavior- pure and unadulterated greed and I can’t warn everybody enough that they must keep away from these people at all costs.

Deborah Rice on :

Jessica Marshall promises all programs free, and says she will pay for all but when you get to the end. wants $97.00
Big SCAM!!!

Spent over $250 on up sales from 30minute money makers asked for the 60 day money back guarantee then was refered to Rich Janitor which did the same $97 for program to make $1000 a day then an up sale of $497 for him to do all the work. Hum Bug. SCAM STEER CLEAR SCAM

Henry Brennan on :

Thank you for your detailed assessment. I earn my living by writing online, so I’m always interested in observing how these scams work, since I get paid real money through my clients on Upwork (so far, in excess of $100,000 over a few years – which is fine, since I retired to the Philippines). This particular scam’s introduction is (unfortunately) “brilliant” and hits all of the “right” buttons. If you ever want an example of pure evil, then you’d have to really search many different “business opportunities” online for a useless pyramid scam like this, which is “explained” through an introduction audio so cleverly. Thanks, again.

Francis Wulf on :

Victim of the scammer that’s what i call my self. Who ever you are scammer, I Pray God Forgive Me, Cause I Forgive You. Now I Move On With My Life. No More Scammer

I thought I had heard the hype before and that is why I checked the scam list and there was The Rich Janitor in all his tarnished glory! Thus warned I didn’t respond further to his enticements and promises of becoming a millionaire within a year. He claims that the money is going to increasing the security and the encryption of his “software”. Perhaps the software is in the brains of the people who swallow this trash. Leave it strictly alone .

I’m highly embarrassed that I got sucked into this ‘scam!’ I can paint a down and out picture just like this Patel character but unfortunately for me mine is so vividly true! Admittedly, I was very desperate at the time I forked out my hard earned money to invest in this ‘scheme! Luckily enough I was only hit at the lower end of the money scale but it still hurts as all the bills keep rolling in! In fact, I’m on that many payment plans to supposedly ‘catch up’ that it’s an ongoing struggle to ‘rob Paula to pay Peter! And just to add insult to injury, even though you claim that they are ‘affiliated with Clickbank’ they have informed me that ‘ it appears that this transaction was not charged by ClickBank, but by The Rich Janitor directly. If the transaction was related to a purchase made through ClickBank, the charge would be identified on your payment records as “ClickBank” or “CLKBANK*COM”. Unfortunately, since ClickBank was not involved in the purchase, you will need to contact the appropriate merchant for assistance with your request.’ We’ll what fun that has been! I emailed ‘Mike Dee’ supposedly directly and instead of refunding me the entire amount of approx $150 I received a lousy approx $6 including the International Exchange Fee! Now I find myself approx $140 out of pocket and with Clickbank’s revelation up sh*!t creek without a paddle! And to add insult to injury Suprise! Suprise! Since refunding the $6 odd (after all but promising me a full refund) and shooting back not 1 but 2 emails to retrieve the balance of the money owing to me the lines of communication have ceased except for the repetitive bullsh*!t generic emails! Seriously the old adage stands-the Rich keep getting richer and the poor getting poorer because even though we are down and out we keep fighting and believing in the greater good in people! And that is why we may be financially deficient but not morally!

Philip Duffy on :

Hi , I’m disturbed , I’ve done some programs , and lost ok 5-10 dollars , but Scams don’t deserve to be on the Net , Degulas

Philip Duffy on :

I’m so happy people are Knowing about these Scammers Victor S , should be Locked up in Florida , in the Scum Ward ,some people are sick not Him , Let Him feel how it is to be lockedaway from his Family he so proudly shows his Life of Riches off your Back , I don’t believe but shooting is not the only Answer


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