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The Perfect System

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Type of Business: DFY Passive Recurring Income
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Income Potential: $900 to $16,000+ per month
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The Perfect System Review

by David Harris

The Perfect System passive recurring income business from Bill Anderson is found at TheTPS100.

In this review, I will go over how this works and whether or not we recommend this endeavor.

The following is a summary of the content on The Perfect System website.

At the end of that, I will continue with my review.

The Perfect System is not just for some special kind of entrepreneur… it’s for everybody.

For those who want to have a small “side hustle” to people who want to quit their day job.

And make a full-time income all while traveling the world or whatever else someone would want to do with their time.

This is a “Done For You” or DFY business so The Perfect System does the marketing for you.
The Perfect System has taken the 5 biggest “sore spots” in money-making from home programs and fixed them.

#1 – You Don’t Make Enough Money Fast Enough.

The Perfect System is designed to make automated sales for you quickly so you are in profit much faster.

You will earn $90 per customer per month that this brings in for you.

With just 10 recurring sales, you would earn $900 per month or $10,800 per year.

This alone would be more than 98% of the people looking to make money from home are making right now.

With a total of 30 recurring sales, you would be at an income of $2,700 per month or $32,400 per year.

With a total of 100 recurring sales, you would be at an income of $9,000 per month or $108,000 per year.

It makes a huge difference when you don’t have to start from scratch every month but rather add last month’s recurring sales volume to the next month’s.
#2 – Costs Too Much To Start And Continue.

Most people can’t afford to spend thousands to start an online business from home.

The Perfect System has eliminated all your marketing costs, so all you have to pay is a nominal $100 per month membership fee.

You keep $90 from each $100 monthly membership sold on your behalf by The Perfect System or any sales you make yourself in addition.
#3 – No Need To Have Any Marketing Or Technical Skills.

You don’t have to set up websites, webpages, squeeze pages, autoresponders, rotators, payment processors, or commission payment systems.

Or need to create 100’s of products, member back offices, a support ticket system, advertising, web hosting, sales copywriting, and much more.

#4 – Stumped With Marketing Methods Not Working.

This is where the majority of people fail at trying to make money from home.

They simply do not have decades of marketing experience like The Perfect System does.

Sometimes people think it’s as easy as sending out way overused emails to the cheapest list they can find.

But after failing at that over and over, they realize it’s not as easy as they were once led to believe.


#5 – Qualifying For And Setting Up Effective Payment Systems.

Many other programs require that you mail in cash, money orders or set up elaborate payment and receiving systems for weekly commissions.

Most people don’t qualify for these merchant accounts or systems or just don’t know how to set them up correctly.

That is all taken care of for you as well.

1st, you don’t have to worry about marketing again.

That’s the toughest part for most people and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The marketing is done for you.

Want to do your own marketing on top of that?

No problem.

TPS welcomes those that can bring in even more members themselves.

The Perfect System will only take that cost out of your future commissions so there are no out-of-pocket advertising expenses for you.

That means ZERO RISK to you with your advertising dollars.

You’ll get sales this way…

For example, let’s say TPS makes 5 sales for you.

Each sale only costs $100 1 time, taken out of future commissions only.

With 5 sales, your future commissions are docked $500.

Important… the $500 is never charged to you upfront or out of pocket.

It is only deducted from future sales that are made for you.

The Perfect System pays 90% commissions on $100 TPS100 membership sales which are $90 a month for every sale made for you.

1 sale has an annual value of $1,080.

That’s $90 per month for 12 months worth in commissions.

$90 commission each X 5 sales = $450.

As the $90 sales come in, the commissions for those will be held until the full $500 has been covered for those 5 members.

Once the full $500 worth in commissions has been taken in by us to cover those 5 members we put in for you, the commissions would then resume going to you, including any remainders.

You now have 5 sales/customers paying you $450 per month that cost you nothing out of pocket to get other than the regular $100 monthly membership for yourself.

Of course, the above scenario is just one example with 5 members.

This would be the same with 10 members or any other amount of members with $100 being deducted in future commissions for each member we get in for you.
2nd, speed, and low cost…

The Perfect System was designed to be so good that people will want to jump on board very quickly.

The sales response rates have been extremely high.

Where else can you start your own business for $100 and be in profit very quckly?

The answer is… nowhere.
3rd, scalability, and recurring monthly income…

You will be able to get an ongoing number of customers from within your back office.

Instead of trying to make 1-time sales like with a Clickbank product (single payment sale)…

You can make monthly membership sales instead and get paid month after month.
4th, they take care of ALL technical details…

The Perfect System does all the hard work.

There is nothing for you to do except take 5 minutes to join.

And then set up your commission payment system so you can get paid.

You will need a Paypal account or Venmo to get paid your weekly commissions paid out every Friday.

All you need to provide The Perfect System with is your Paypal email address or Venmo mobile #.

The Perfect System includes everything that is necessary to make sales by way of DFY (done for you).

The all-important traffic & sales are taken care of.

This is the part all other programs leave out and is the #1 cause of failure.

The squeeze page to capture emails are done for you.

The 60+ day autoresponder email series to make sales is done for you.

Weekly email broadcasts to add more value and make sales all done for you.

The Perfect System is a membership site and the product in your back office is 100’s of real, original biz opp plans (side hustles).

As well as top-notch marketing & traffic courses, self-improvement eBooks, and much more.

If you don’t have a good product your plan is just an illegal pyramid scheme or cash gifting program.

All the payments are handled for you.

Credit cards or Paypal. There is no need for you to set up any complicated merchant accounts.

This includes the monthly billing.

The Perfect System calculates and sends all the commission payments out every Friday.

That’s $90 out of every $100 monthly membership that is paid out in recurring commissions.

The rest goes to payment processor fees, hosting, and other overhead.

If you want to do your own marketing you can simply promote your own affiliate link.

All the pre-tested sales pages & squeeze pages are yours to use.
Okay, so here are my thoughts on The Perfect System…

I’ve been asked countless times by my site visitors if there was an income opportunity where the company would take the marketing expenses out of their commissions.

The Perfect System doesn’t even ask for you to pay for the sales they make for you upfront.

This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.

They’re willing to do the work of marketing and closing sales for you and only taking it out of your profit afterward is huge.

The profit you make from this can be used to do your own advertising and marketing to add even more recurring sales every month.

Here’s one of many notifications I have received from doing my own marketing of The Perfect System…
The Perfect System Recurring Sale Proof
The Perfect System does not send out these same notifications when they make sales for you.

Member’s affiliate links are not used when they make sales for you because sales are just assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

They initially get the sale into a master account and then reassign the sales to everyone afterward.

This is very affordable to the masses at only $100 per month.

Paying out a very high 90% commission on that is almost unheard of.

The monthly recurring income that this generates is the #1 reason I am promoting this myself.

Let’s look at some conservative numbers to see the potential of this…

If you only added 2 sales per week or 8 sales per month ($720 X 12 months), you would end up with a monthly recurring income of $8,640 at month 12.

And would add another $720 to that $8,620 at month 13 and so on.

If you stopped promoting it (no more added into the next month) you would have an annual income of $103,680 from then on.

This is more than twice what the average person in the U.S. makes per year.

At the end of year #2, at that $720 per month added rate, you would end up with a monthly income of $17,280 (end of month 24).

Again, this is just with adding 8 sales per month.

If you’ve had trouble finding something that is real, affordable, and really works, you’ve finally found it here.

This truly is the perfect system.

I highly recommend

Thanks for reading our The Perfect System review.

– David


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