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The Millionaire Operating System

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The Millionaire Operating System Review

by David Harris

“The Millionaire Operating System”, by Jeff Lerner, et. al., and found at, is an internet marketing system for capturing, funneling and filtering leads, and selling product to these prospects. The reality is that the upsell is lots of expensive business coaching.

The Millionaire Operating System is aggressive about trying to close you on buying their programs, which it is debatable whether they are effective or not. I will say that to work with The Millionaire Operating System you will need to have experience with marketing, internet usage knowledge and computer skills or in order to become successful with the program.

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“The Millionaire Operating System” is not a system for beginners who don’t now how to blog, market, or advertise their business. It also costs a lot of money to not only become a member, but also to constantly invest never ending amounts of money you will need to feed the promotion monster.

There are very small returns at first and it takes time and lots of money to build what ‘The Millionaire Operating System’ promises to deliver. The main people making the big returns are the people at the top, of course, and they do not care whether you make it or not. They do not offer any guarantee that you will.

Initial costs begin at $200, and the other costs will run into the thousands. Because of this, they can be a bit obnoxious about selling you as much as possible. There are many complaints registered online of how the salespeople call day and night – a few even reported them calling near midnight!

This type of venture involves the usage and knowledge of email marketing, auto responders, web and graphic design. You must also have skills in programming and should already know how to create capture pages and to generate leads, turn them into prospects and then to close them.

Even though they will show you basics on branding, viral marketing, content writing, search engine optimization, as well as some HTML editing, and SMS, they will expect you to know these components needed to drive traffic to your business.

The Millionaire Operating System does offer a money-back guarantee for your membership cost, but not the rest. Although the business is relatively new to the public, the founding members all have success in their varied business backgrounds. They set this system up for people already involved in the industry.

However, it is a very risky venture, so I cannot recommend “The Millionaire Operating System” to anybody trying to break in, or those already spending lots already in their own business on what they offer, unless you have unlimited funds to invest more. The success rate has not been reported with any type of accuracy as of yet.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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