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Ipsos | Synovate Global Opinion Panels Review

by David Harris

Synovate, also known as “Synovate Global Opinion Panels”, is a market research company founded in 2003 and has members from over 80 countries. 

In 2012 Synovate Global Opinion Panels also became a part of Ipsos, another market research company.

Members of Synovate get automatically compensated through their new rewards program (which began in February of 2012) with Consumer Cash Coupons, and every completed survey earns you a coupon worth a predetermined cash value. 

When you complete a survey, your account will be credited the corresponding amount each survey pays, and they will automatically redeem your cash awards and send you a check once you have reached the minimum $5 threshold needed to cash out.

Synovate/Ipsos will automatically review your account bi-weekly, and your check will reflect the combined amount of Consumer Cash Coupons earned through that period. 

For example, if after two weeks you had a balance of $7 worth of coupons, you will be mailed a check for that $7 and your account will be “zeroed out”, at which point you will start accumulating Cash Coupons that accrue toward your next payment. 

You can expect to get paid within 6-8 weeks.

Since this is a new incentive program, there is not a lot of information regarding how Synovate Global Opinion Panel members like this program, but on the surface it does appear to be a relatively simple way to get paid. 

It will also be interesting to see if their previous incentive program which included options for vouchers to redeem points for gifts online is continued, or if the new program of sending checks automatically supersedes the voucher option.

You can expect to receive around one survey opportunity a week – which of course varies depending on your demographic.

And it appears most surveys earn you from $0.50 to $5.00. 

As is often the case, the majority of your surveys will be toward the lower end, and the longer a survey is the more money it pays.

Also, every completed survey gets you an entry into monthly sweepstakes with over 200 prizes given away monthly with values between $10 and $500.

I should mention that scammers have tried to rip people off using Synovates’ name by mailing checks (often from Canada), telling you to cash it.

Then wire money overseas as a part of a “mystery shopper” program, with a promise of making big money. 

It is fraudulent and has nothing to do with Synovate itself. 

Synovate will never ask you to wire money or purchase something in order to participate in their studies. 

I have seen people calling Synovate a scam because of this, but again, just be aware and know this is not actually Synovate.

Synovate is a large, legitimate market research company, and among survey companies in general they have a good name and have many happy members. 

Keep in mind no paid survey company pays a large amount of money to their panelists, so if you’re looking for life changing financial compensation, you should be looking elsewhere. 

I do not recommend Synovate Global Opinion Panels – Ipsos.

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