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Business Review – Swag Bucks / SwagBucks

by David Harris

Swag Bucks is a website offering various tasks to complete in exchange for point rewards they call “swag bucks”, which may be redeemed with participating merchants.

There are multitudes of ways to engage in making points on their site to redeem with their sponsors. So much so that it can be a bit overwhelming.

It should take you a small part of an evening to study the SwagBucks back office instructions. “SwagBucks” has a lot of rules and restrictions.

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By watching videos, answering polls, playing games, searching for stuff on Swag Bucks search engine (which you have to install on your computer), taking paid surveys, and more, you can earn “Swag Bucks” points to redeem.

You can even earn Swag Bucks if you don’t mind spamming your friends to join. These “swag bucks” are more like pennies, or fractions of pennies (“swag pennies”?), since it takes about 450 to 700 points to earn five dollar gift cards.

I find that the returns are inconsistent. I noticed that I did not get credited for several activities, and to be fair, I had checked after a long period of non-usage and still, no credit.

SwagBucks will not tell you when they delete your account for whatever reason they claim. They may inform you until they send you a notice via email much later on if you try to find out why.

Many users have complained that Swag Bucks deleted them after accumulating tens of thousands of swag credits.

I’ve seen numerous complaints reported that SwagBucks will delete your account for using a ‘bot’.

Most people on earth don’t have the slightest idea what a ‘bot’ is, yet if Swag Bucks says you used one, you can’t defend yourself.

They won’t give you the chance. SwagBucks finds reasons they claim you may be cheating them, but most users have no clue what Swag Bucks is talking about and mainly follow their rules faithfully.

One of the many issues I have with Swag Bucks is the six month time limit on their points. Some folks claim that they had a small amount of success with SwagBucks.

It takes so long to gather enough points to redeem in their shopping spree page that by the time you get enough, the swag bucks have expired.

Many others have expressed their disappointment. I’ve tried it long enough to realize I have better things to do with my time.

If you still want to engage in this SwagBucks service, you should really create a spam email address.

That’s because the amount of spam you will receive from engaging in Swag Bucks activities is mountainous – not to mention the phone calls from merchants where they make it a necessary option to give a phone number out – don’t!

I am wary of installing toolbars on my own browser for fear of malware and other subtle and insidious little beasts that can be introduced to my computer so I don’t recommend using Swag Bucks’ toolbar just to get a swag buck per day on a daily basis.

It’s a little surprising that this type of business model is carried out by an otherwise reputable company, Prodege LLC in Los Angeles, which handles big profile sites for sports teams and media icons like KISS and Hilary Duff.

I also dislike that we’re only there so they and their sponsors can gather all the personal data we can give them for very little in return.

If I want to engage in earning money taking surveys, there are plenty of paid survey sites that will earn me much more per survey than Swag Bucks.

While they don’t charge a fee to join, I still don’t recommend that you waste your time with SwagBucks.

I don’t recommend “SwagBucks” because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading…

– David



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