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Surveys 4 Pay

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Surveys 4 Pay Review

By David Harris

“Surveys 4 Pay”, found at, is a website that contains a collection of links to different survey websites and their description. The links to the websites contain affiliate codes after the survey site addresses.

These affiliate links enable ‘Surveys 4 Pay’ to make money from several revenue streams. One is from sending you to the partner survey sites, another is if you actually join those sites in order to take surveys.

However, the most lucrative revenue stream is the selling of users’ personal data the third party partners. Be forewarned, anything you do with Surveys 4 Pay is almost certain to get you swamped with email spam.

There are several paid to take survey sites listed on Surveys 4 Pay that have already been reviewed on this site, so make sure to do a search of them before you join any. Also, make sure your country qualifies to be eligible to participate.

Each one of the partner survey sites pays differently so make sure to find out how each of them pays out. Most of them pay through vouchers, gift cards, Paypal, or credits to join their monthly sweepstakes.

Don’t expect to make much from any one individual survey site, which is why ‘Surveys 4 Pay’ has many of these companies listed on their site. You may earn rewards valued between 50 cents and $5 per survey for completing surveys, and some sites have a minimum cash out cap of $20 to $50.

Some sites listed on Surveys 4 Pay have you accumulate enough credits to get vouchers or gift cards through companies like, Visa, Macy’s, and more.

Unless you are interested in this type of venture as a hobby you should not hope to make a significant amount of money in a short amount of time. Taking surveys is certainly not the best way for that.

This is mostly for folks that have time to spend and like expressing their opinions on products and services regardless of how little the compensation is. Surveys 4 Pay at least makes it easy to find some survey sites right on their page, but I don’t recommend taking surveys as a way to earn a decent living online.

I do not recommend “Surveys 4 Pay”.

Thanks for reading

– David


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