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Survey Spot Paid Surveys Review

by David Harris

“Survey Spot”, found at, is a marketing research company that is a subsidiary of Survey Sampling International (SSI). 

It is free to become a member, but you must be a resident of the United States in order to sign up.

I would not recommend you sign up though. Also, depending on what review site you look at if you are researching through other avenues, you could easily run across misleading information, I believe in some cases, because what Survey Spot used does is no longer the case.

For example one review site says you will make between 2-10 dollars for each completed survey, which is certainly not the case.

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Judging by people who have been with Survey Spot for many years, it perhaps used to be like that, but no longer. This is unfortunate, but is a general direction the industry overall is headed.

Yet even among low paying, free to enter, legitimate survey taking sites, this one I must say has to be toward the bottom of the list.

One red flag is that Survey Spot and SSI used to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but no longer is and in fact they currently get an F rating.

I do not claim a BBB rating is necessarily the strongest determining factor for any business, but in this case it does appear to be concerning. One of the factors for Survey Spot’s bad rating is their volume of complaints from their members.

Other factors weighing on Survey Spot include the cash prizes they used to offer are now mainly sweepstake entries, and in their FAQ site they don’t even bother to mention how many “points” you might expect to get, how many sweepstakes entries, or how often you could expect to be offered a survey opportunity in the first place. 

They do mention they have a quarterly sweepstakes drawing for $25,000. My opinion of Survey Spot is that even in the context of free membership survey sites, this one is probably best being avoided. 

There are many other free survey sites with less “issues”. Of course if you are interested in generating a decent income, there really aren’t any survey companies I would recommend!

But stay away from Survey Spot. It is at best, one of my worst “not recommended” businesses, if not an actual scam.

I do not recommend “biz” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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