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Survey Recruiters

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Survey Recruiters

by David Harris

“Survey Recruiters”, by Hailey Gates and found at, is a survey portal website for their third party market research companies that pay you to take surveys and other tasks.

Survey Recruiters membership is free to join. You take third party clients’ surveys, complete offers or register with any of their partner companies.

Survey Recruiters is paid by other market research firms to recruit eligible people to connect them to their panels and research surveys.

Eligibilty depends on specific demographics that pertain to each task that Survey Recruiters’ clients provide, such as gender, age income, locations, etc.

The tasks Survey Recruiters’ clients offer vary from client to client and they might include trial offers, panel participation, online surveys, product testing and more.

In essence, Survey Recruiters works as a portal for many marketing research clients including well known survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Nielsen, and Swagbucks.

The issue with this business model is that Survey Recruiters does not actually pay you for the tasks you complete, and that can get messy.

You get paid by the third party clients, so this means you have to join their sites as well after you’ve already signed up with Survey Recruiters.

The majority of those clients have payout limits, different payment methods and other restrictions that you must pay attention to and that can be time consuming to keep track of because Survey Recruiters is not responsible for the tasks you choose to complete.

Another big issue can be not only keeping track of payments, but also, when you use your credit or debit card towards a product trial test, they may and often will charge you if you don’t cancel within the specified time limits.

This can be very expensive if you take on a lot of trials and forget to cancel after the time expires on them, so keeping track of that can be time consuming, too.

Survey Recruiters does not help you with any of these things, so it’s up to you to look out for your activities, and that, as previously stated, is very time consuming.

You will quickly realize that some of Survey Recruiters’ clients are just a bit shady and might withhold payments, lock you out when you reach their payout caps, keep charging you for products even after you tried to cancel, and more issues too many to list here.

Then there is the issue of the amount of compensation on payments and rewards versus all the time you spend on Survey Recruiters’ client sites completing tasks.

Many of the surveys range anywhere from .25 cents to 2 or 3 bucks per survey depending on each individual one, and they can take from 15 to 30 minutes to complete if you qualify.

Sometimes you might be going along on a survey and 15 minutes later they shut you out citing ineligibility or other excuse.

Survey Recruiters is a survey portal so it is not responsible for any of their clients’ policies, etc.

Some of Survey Recruiters’ clients only pay in rewards points or gift cards to be redeemed on stuff they offer on their own sites exclusively.

Some of those clients’ payout caps can be as high as $100, so if you are taking surveys for .25 cents to $1.00 that cap might take a long time to reach, especially if you don’t qualify for many of them.

You do not get compensated for incomplete tasks, and that includes surveys you get turned away from even if you were halfway through them for not being eligible.

All these issues and several more that you may come across may not justify all the time you would waste trying to do tasks that pay so little in return.

By several more issues I mean headaches like having your personal info sold by Survey Recruiters’ third party clients to their clients as well.

That can result in non-stop phone calls if you give out your phone number, getting inundated by email AND postal spam, etc.

Sure, you might get little trinkets and small amounts if you ever reach the payout caps, but you really should value your time and efforts with more respect than Survey Recruiters and their clients would give you.

Since it is free to join, I can’t really call it a scam, but I can’t in good conscience say Survey Recruiters is any way to earn a living. Because of this, I do not recommend Survey Recruiters.

Thanks for reading

– David


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