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Survey Downline

Overall Rating: Overall Rating
Type of Business: MLM disguised as a Survey Panel
Skill Level Needed: None on Survey Side - Intermediate to Advanced on MLM Side
Income Potential: Up to $20 per month on part time work hours
Recommended: No

Survey Downline

by David Harris

“Survey Downline”, by Precision Sample, LLC, and found at, is a combination of Multi-Level Marketing and Paid Surveys Panel.

This is that rarest of opportunities where I get to review a combination of things I usually never recommend all in one company so let me get to it.

First, even though survey panels hardly ever make you much money at all, MLM is even tougher to engage in.

That is because the average failure rate is about 98% to 99% percent, and that is due to the fact that most people who attempt it do not have the experience or durability, among several other key factors necessary to succeed.

Once most users have exhausted their limited supply of friends, neighbors and family to bother, that’s where the trail usually ends for them.

All that said, if one is going to spend money on advertising, marketing or promoting their upline link in some way, they need to know how much, how, where and even when to do it.

Those are just the paleo marketing basics any experienced marketers employ whenever they first look at the next venture.

I can definitely say that the mlm part of Survey Downline is pretty risky when you consider you can make higher commission rates from much better paying MLM ventures out there.

Way better again, IF you know what you’re doing. Also again, most serious marketers will not even bother with this kind of beginners’ multi level marketing rookie mistake.

Now, as for taking part in their surveys, if you believe the get paid to take surveys hype about big money, you’ll find out quick enough it won’t be the case.

The average user may make about maybe twenty bucks, tops. Per month. For part time work that kind of salary is about a dollar an hour if you’re lucky.

Slave wages might make you more, (please pardon the quip), but you’re definitely not going to accept that kind of money if they offered it to you at your local burger franchise.

Add to that the frustration of not always getting credited for a completed task or not qualifying for more than half the surveys you try out.

There is the chance of even getting your account canceled for no good reason, especially if you’ve racked up a lot of points, suspiciously enough.

The minimum payout cap is $20, which is about average, although you can find other survey sites with as low as a $5 dollar cap these days.

Also, Survey Downline claims you can earn as much as $10 for taking surveys, but the truth is that no one has ever come out and said they’ve actually qualified for any.

Furthermore, almost all surveys offered pay between ten cents to two bucks, so reaching that $20 cap might make climbing Mount Everest seem like a piece of cake.

I won’t even get into the dismal returns from your downline even if your most active member can even qualify for and complete 2 or 3 surveys a day, and that’s a generous figure.

While it is free to join in the US,Canada and UK, and you might make a few cents here and there from time to time, I can’t call it a scam.

However neither I nor ScamXposer will be recommending Survey Downline even as a hobby. Hobbies should be calming and stress free, and Survey Downline is definitely not that.

Thanks for reading

– David


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