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Survey Dollar Get Paid Survey Review

by David Harris

“Survey Dollar”, by Mandy Garvina and found at, is a get paid to take surveys website run as a way for companies to gather market research data to evaluate products and other things like TV shows, etc.

You will find a lot of websites extolling the virtues of Survey Dollar, and they are mostly affiliate sites made to look like legitimate reviews but they really just direct you to their own link to the survey site so they will earn a commission from any referrals they get.

First thing you should know about signing up with any survey site is that surveys companies mostly use them as a way of collecting your personal information. Your info is worth a lot on the secondary market.

Your data will be used to resell to their clients who will then spam you with offers of their own. Like many other paid survey sites we warn you to stay away from, Survey Dollar charges a fee to join.

This is unacceptable to us. You should not have to pay to join a site like Survey Dollar that is going to make money from reselling your personal data to other spammers.

Next item we frown upon is that quite often you will be directed by Survey Dollar to a product trial offer in which you have to pay for the product first in order to test it. This is not what people think they are signing up for.

The problem with this type of practice is that, for one, you have to pay with a bank card to get the physical product sent out to you from the 3rd party client, not Survey Dollar itself. Survey Dollar is just the middle man.

Two, most people will forget to cancel when the trial is complete and the 3rd party clients, whose product you are testing, will start charging you for the product, month after month until you notice that you are being charged.

Three, this can end up being more that a mere annoyance when you have 4 or more products to test, as it will end up costing you more than you would make testing them to begin with.

Survey Dollar won’t be much help to alleviate that. In fact, they count on it, as they make that kickback from your forgetfulness.

The next issue to confront is that you may not actually qualify for most surveys as the companies are looking for specific demographic targets and you may not fit the parameters for most.

Anything you do qualify for and complete will take Survey Dollar several weeks to pay you.

It is contrary to the claims of making huge sums of money as they state on their front page when most surveys pay $1 to $20 to complete.

Beware of the kinds of offers that promise money compensation but actually send you, for example, a link for $20 off a $60 purchase on any of their clients’ products.

I do not recommend Survey Dollar mostly because it is no way to make a living from let alone enough for a sandwich a week. There are much better things to do with your time.

Thanks for reading

– David



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