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Solavei – Business Review

By David Harris

Solavei, by Ryan Wuerch and found at, is a telecommunications company with a multi level marketing earnings program geared towards discounting your monthly cellular phone bill, and maybe a little more if the program works the way they claim it does. The discount goes to a new phone service you have to get from Solavei.

However, there are so many complaints about Solavei’s product service, the customer service and other issues that it makes an already challenging task of recruiting people to your mlm downline that much more difficult.

On the back end issues that make it less attractive, you have to get at least 3 people to sign up to get the discount. Any one of the three cancels their service you lose the discount plan and the speed drops from 4G to 2G at their regular fifty bucks a month.

You can see that is why they don’t state the type of speed in their comparisons to other carriers, but what can you really expect for $49 a month? Solavei’s comparison also states that their competitors don’t offer affiliate programs to anyone wanting to resell their services.

Outsourced customer service Solavei uses is replete with language barrier concerns from many users who complained that they either don’t understand the tech support or the staff is poorly trained to handle the calls needing serious help.

You are better off going to work for any carrier company’s authorized dealerships for popular service, when you consider these deterring factors and how little you would be making wish Solavei. Also know that the guys at the top are making infinitely more from everybody else and their work.

That is one of several reasons we never recommend mlm businesses. Although Solavei is not a scam per se, the returns aren’t enough for the work you would put in. Nor is the effort you put in for the not so great phone service provided.

Add the fact that there are activation fees, and other charges you don’t make a commission off and you start to see this as a bust.

All those issues make Solavie a not recommended telecommunications mlm business opportunity by any standards including ours, so you may want to pass on it.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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