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Six Figure Mentors

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Six Figure Mentors

by David Harris

“Six Figure Mentors”, by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek and found at, is an internet marketing system based on mentoring training that is loaded with many flaws.

The sign up fee is $297 to join with a $97 monthly fee, but as soon as you do Six Figure Mentors tries to get you to pay for really pricey upsells that can go as high as $10,000 dollars.

It’s an awful lot of investment for a small profit margin – if there is any to be made, and still, you would be building someone else’s business not your own.

You can only make money from commissions if you join and stay current as a monthly Six Figure Mentors paying member, which is practically anathema in the world of internet marketing.

These commissions are based mostly on how many others you recruit to join your downline or will buy in at the $2,000 level.

So in effect we are looking at a thinly veiled version of the Multi-Level Marketing wolf in internet marketing sheep’s clothing.

It can be really easy to fool those eager to make money online from home with internet marketing under the guise of mentoring.

At its basic core, Six Figure Mentors teaches you how to buy your own domain name and hosting and set up a wordpress blog and valuable content as well as building an email list.

Also, Six Figure Mentors shows how to create a product or recommend others’ products through selling ads then recruiting others to join under you for your commissions.

Among the many issues and red flags we found with Six Figure Mentors is the way they manipulate exclusivity on products and components.

This means they get you locked down into what they want you to use and market so they can profit from everything you do.

For example, you can only use the AWeber auto-responder software with their prefab messages, rendering anything else you might have useless.

Many complaints against Six Figure Mentors regard the fact that Six Figure Mentors fails to provide some of their components they promise when you join at basic level unless you upgrade to their $2000 plan.

Be sure to read all the caveats their lawyers have drummed up to cover their own behinds. You will see they do little to nothing to cover yours. Six Figure Mentors is a labyrinth of misleading smoke and mirrors.

So far, the makers of Six Figure Mentors have failed to disclose figures from any members who may have made any significant money with them.

Many members who got suckered in to Six Figure Mentors post desperate click bait messages on the usual online marketing feeds which tells you that, 1) they want to unload what they can to at the very least break

2) The Six Figure Mentors system works very poorly. Desperate member bait is usually a bad sign no matter how much hype they push.

Another red flag is their total lack of customer support when you need it in a timely manner. You find this out when you become aware that the website they push on you to buy is outdated at best or non-functioning at worst.

The so called “mentoring” part of Six Figure Mentors is really a “business consultation”, which is a misnomer for what they really try to do upsell you to more of their expensive products.

The second they see you don’t have or won’t spend any more money on Six Figure Mentors the “business consultant” will make some lame excuse to get off the line to ditch you.

Bottom line, you can find way better mentoring systems online for far cheaper that can be as or more effective than Six Figure Mentors’ overinflated fees and upsells.

Like most of these get rich quick schemes, Six Figure Mentors holds back on a lot of what you really need in order to succeed at making money from home with online home business.

Beware of internet home business opportunities that tell you that you can only succeed with their system if you upgrade to their most expensive upsells basic common logic but it bears repeating.

That is what is known as a bait and switch con game and Six Figure Mentors does it very well, according to countless people who got involved with their scheme.

I can’t really call it an outright scam, as they do provide some basic but worthless training at the start which you can find anywhere online for free or next to nothing, but Six Figure Mentors really is something to avoid at all costs.

You should not have to pay such huge amounts to become an affiliate member in any real world business that offers an affiliate program.

On a side note, also be wary of Digital Experts Academy their side business that plugs Six Figure Mentors.

You can find a review of it elsewhere on our site, but spoiler alert – it is NOT an academy of any kind at all.

Stay away from Six Figure Mentors. We definitely do NOT recommend it.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Thank you for this review and service you provide. I was going to sign up with them, but thankfully am now wiser and do my due diligence before signing up for yet more scams.


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