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Savings Highway

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Savings Highway Review

by David Harris

Savings Highway by Steve Gresham is found at

It’s a multi-level marketing or MLM company.

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It partners with many diverse companies to create volume savings, discounts, and bonuses for a variety of services like legal, health, food, and travel.

On the consumer side of Savings Highway, the rebates and coupons are of good use to people.

As a member, you will have access to savings programs from many different categories such as groceries, restaurants, and insurance.

Other features in their savings program include roadside assistance, ID theft protection, discounted magazine subscriptions, discounted moving services, dental plans, ebooks, and audio files.

Savings Highway was started in 2006 by Steve Gresham and his wife Maria from their office in Athens, Georgia.

Gresham has over 22 years of experience running home-based business operations, both as a representative and owner.

I usually try to steer our members away from MLM risks that pass themselves off as opportunities.

Most of them have a very unacceptable 90% to 99% failure rate.

Although Savings Highway has a good amount of savings in the vouchers and coupons they offer, their commission structure works on 15 levels.

Savings Highway has a system that makes available a pre-designed capture page, a sales funnel system, and phone & email follow-ups for you to close prospects.

Residual income is the thing that attracts many to the MLM industry.

However, most multi-level marketing or network marketing just doesn’t work for most people.

This is because most will never see any residual income, earning it, and the rest of the MLM industry a bad reputation.

I do not recommend Savings Highway.

We do not recommend MLM in general because of the unacceptable failure rate of 90% to 99% of those involved in the MLM industry as a whole.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David


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Ordered there 3 DON’T BITE ME PATCH PACKS (60 PATCHES) on 2/11/2018 You purchased this item on Feb 11, 2018. I haven’t received the product or getting any notice my product is being shipped. I would not order from them again. No support has given me a clear answer why I am not getting what I paid for. They have gotten my money . I ordered 2 of the product they got $106.40 of my money

Hurrah! At last, I got a webpage from where I can actually
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