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Project Fast Income

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Project Fast Income

by David Harris

“Project Fast Income” by James Bradley, found at, is a Word Press plugin from James Bradley that supposedly generates content and traffic to a website automatically.

I found several issues with Project Fast Income regarding just how useful this system would be in implementing traffic generation.

Most of the issues deal with the way they teach how to cheat search engines. This is not how you want to operate your online marketing business.

In a time where search engines look at mass and quality of inbound links for rating and making sure a site should or should not be penalized for improprieties.

Project Fast Income shows you methods on tricking the system, which can get you banned if not done correctly, so you risk your website by using their techniques if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For a $29 join fee, Project Fast Income starts with creating a monetized blog website in the niche of your choice.

Then, they have you add autopilot trending content to drive traffic to the site.

Project Fast Income sets up affiliate links within that content in hopes people click on it to make you money, but only if there is completion on the tasks of those links such as buying something or opting in to a list, etc.

Project Fast Income offers an opt-in form to build your own list and tools to build back links to your site to help it get higher rankings in the search engines.

One issue with Project Fast Income is that many of the links they provide are useless.

There is plenty of opportunity for dodgy black hat tactics that could be harmful to your site if not implemented properly.

There are better ways to bring your rankings up than using this questionable system, especially since many of the outbound links Project Fast Income gives you go to troublesome pages.

For example, if one of the partner pages has more than 30 or 50 other outbound links but has no page rank you are wasting your time placing your own there.

Project Fast Income has hundreds of these types of worthless sites you would be risking your site’s reputation on.

You need to have both in and out bound quality links in order to help your page succeed in rankings.

While Project Fast Income may not necessarily be a scam, using this system could be potentially harmful.

Very few of Project Fast Income’s links will be of any use to you, therefore, Project Fast Income is not a system we recommend.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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