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Prime Power Incomes

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Prime Power Incomes- Business Review

Prime Power Incomes, found at, is a website that claims that you could earn a decent amount at home by signing up in their drop ship marketing program.

According to Prime Power Incomes, you can easily earn as much as $247 and make profit even during your 1st week, but we will clear all of this up for you.

Drop shipping is used so often as a way to make a little extra income that a third party company charging you money to learn the business is not necessary. What Prime Power Incomes won’t tell you is that you can get the information they are selling for free online. Even eBay offers the information for free.

Prime Power Incomes claims that you can make tons of money by selling drop ship items through eBay, and for a free 7 day trial you can look around. If you ignore my advice in not trying this, be sure to follow their stringent conditions in order to cancel within that time or you will get charged automatically every month.

Strangely enough, nowhere on the Prime Power Incomes website did I find how much they actually charge after the trial period, not even in the disclaimers. In fact, the disclaimers are hard to read and most people won’t read them and then they will wonder why they’re still getting charged a monthly fee.

Anyone can sign up with a drop ship company outright they do not need to go through a program like Prime Power Incomes.

Drop shipping companies will sign you up directly and help get you started.

Prime Power Incomes main business model follows eBay drop shipping methods. Drop ship companies are multi-inventory stocked warehouses. You get the product from their inventory at wholesale prices, and then sell them on auction sites like eBay, for an extremely small profit.

Drop shipping and auction listing are in reality very contentious and a source of much displeasure among the free eBay Community forums and there are even caveats on the eBay information area to their buyers and sellers.

Auction listing is often called a race to the bottom. Take into consideration the established initial wholesale price placed on the item you list on eBay set by Doba. But the whole point of an auction is that the buyer purchases that item at a discount compared to what they find elsewhere.

The vast amount of people engaging in drop ship with eBay already means that you must be willing to price your items competitively low in order to make sales. This is no way to make a decent living, as Prime Power Incomes erroneously says you will.

Prime Power Incomes main goal is keep you paying into monthly training program for nothing in return, and you have to also pay a monthly Doba subscription as well, so there really is no value to this when you consider that the earnings are so ridiculously low.

Just avoid Prime Power Incomes altogether. We do not recommend it. In fact, after we reviewed it, they redesigned their site so as to not look like the usual clone site scam with the fake work from home mom that we have seen dozens of times.

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