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Partner with Tom – Business Review

Partner with Tom, by Tom Rockwell and found at, is a training course that shows you how to get a start on internet and affiliate marketing and how to use your own website to generate leads. There are a few issues to discuss here.

Even though it’s not mentioned on the actual company website, a membership fee of $97 dollars gets you a ready made website and step by step video lessons on “partnering” with third party companies as an affiliate marketer, which had been stated as being offered for free.

This “free information” can be found pretty much anywhere online, but many other upsell products will be pushed on you the minute you buy the website package from Partner with Tom, something else that is not mentioned beforehand.

The obvious ploy Partner with Tom uses to attract desperate people who wish to make money from home is intentional and works on their emotions into buying the program impulsively.

Truth is that affiliate marketing is a tough and challenging business to be in, and the decision to spend that much money on something this risky is a case for study, not to make compulsively.

Partner With Tom is a fairly new product, which means it is not time tested yet, nor are any of Rockwell’s unsubstantiated claims as to whether you can make as much money as he says you will with his program.

Partner With Tom fails to exhibit how their program works at the onset, so how anyone can choose to purchase this program is a testament to their ability to work on one’s desperateness to make money.

Sadly, Partner With Tom is a gamble at best, a throwing away of perfectly good money at worst. There is not much value here, I’m afraid, and I advise anyone who has bought it to keep an eye on the account they used to buy it, just in case unwarranted charges pop up.

At least they offer a 60 money back refund, however complaints have been reported by customers who could not reach anyone to get their money back, and customer service is nonexistent.

Although I can’t really call Partner With Tom a scam because, after all, they do give you a website at the start. However, I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. In fact I would go as far as to say, do not partner with Tom pun may be intended, but I’m serious, don’t.

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