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Paid Viewpoint

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Type of Business: Paid Surveys
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Income Potential: 3 to 10 cents per survey
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Paid Viewpoint Review

by David Harris

“Paid Viewpoint”, by Umongous Inc., David Handel and Lev Mazin, and found at, is a market research company that offers paid surveys and panel studies by invitation only to members.

PaidViewpoint is a part of the company that runs Instant Cash Sweepstakes which has had positive online comments.

Paid Viewpoint does have some good qualities to offer users, including invitation only surveys, which means they invite you to take their studies.

What Paid Viewpoint claims is that, by doing invitation only, they already consider you qualified to complete the surveys they invite you to.

That means you will be guaranteed payment when you complete the surveys PaidViewpoint invite you to and they pay in cash. The minimum payment cap is $15 dollars.

Paid Viewpoint claims you will not be disqualified halfway through a survey they invited you to take, unlike most other get paid to take survey websites that screen you out somewhere along the process.

Paid Viewpoint pride themselves on privacy as well because they state they will not require you to provide your name or physical address on the surveys you would take.

All these points are important factors when being asked to take part in their online surveys and polls, especially the fact that Paid Viewpoint does not pay in rewards points, gift card or other gimmicks like that, just cash through PayPal.

One thing to know about Paid Viewpoint’s confidentiality policy requires that once you have reached the payout and wish to collect your earnings you have to call their company number for verification.

This is to make certain it is you and that you only have one account that no one you did not authorize can hack in to steal your earnings at PaidViewpoint. They do claim that they won’t sell or share your number, though.

The least important claim Paid Viewpoint makes is that they make the survey answering experience interesting, not boring, but that only matters to those who actually enjoy doing surveys as a hobby.

The main drawback to PaidViewpoint though is that it will take you a long time to reach that $15 dollar payout minimum before you can cash it out.

The reason for that is that most of the Paid Viewpoint surveys will only make you anywhere from .05 cents to a dollar or so. You can see that it would take some time to get up to fifteen bucks at this rate.

At all times at the top of the Paid Viewpoint site, you can see how much you have earned summed up on their toolbar. On the right side you can see what you will earn before you take the survey you were invited to.

Paid Viewpoint also provides a time bar to let you know how much time you have left until the survey is done, which is also a feature almost no other paid survey site offers.

Paid Viewpoint is not only free to join but they also give you a bonus one dollar for signing up with them. You can either register with your email or social media profile such as Facebook, Google plus, etc.

In addition, Paid Viewpoint has a feature they call TraitScore which helps you make more money if you hit 9000 points, and that increases each time you complete a ‘trait’ survey or a paid survey.

PaidViewpoint also has an affiliate plan in which you receive up to $25 from each person you refer and 20% from every survey your referrals complete each time they cash out.

If you can get more than a hundred friends to sign up you can become what Paid Viewpoint calls a community builder. This makes you 20% instantly if you don’t want to wait for them to cash out.

You are certainly not going to get rich from doing ten cent surveys on Paid Viewpoint’s site, and it will definitely take quite a long time to even cash out just doing surveys and not bringing them referrals.

Because PaidViewpoint will not kick you out during any surveys they invite you to, I’d say this is one of the less unsavory market research companies around.

However, you will not make anything even resembling a fraction of a living with Paid Viewpoint unless you have multiple thousands of people willing to join under you.

I can recommend Paid Viewpoint as a fun hobby for those who enjoy taking surveys and do not value their time or ever expect to reach that $15 payout cap in doing so.

I have taken into consideration many online complaints from people who got to five cents away from their goal and when they complained to PaidViewpoint got rude replies and some even got deleted.

I won’t call it a scam, however, I cannot recommend Paid Viewpoint as a way of making a living with it.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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Overall Rating

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Blambowthrow on :

This company has been nothing but straightforward. As your trait score goes up so does the survey benefits.Yes, at first you get .10 for answering surveys, but I have been doing this for 6 months and made just over $80 with little time vested. Scam, No.. Slow start, but worth the time.

We never said it is a scam, just a waste of time for so little in return. Surely you value your time more, or should.


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