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NPD Online Research

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NPD Online Research Review

by David Harris

NPD Online Research, or NPDOR was founded in 1967 and is another market research company (survey site) for residents of the U.S. or Canada.

It is free to sign up and participate in NPD Online Research.

Originally NPD had a bit more paid survey completing opportunities, but have switched over to more of a “sweepstakes entry opportunity” style of compensation.  

They call this their SweepLand program.

You get SweepLand points for every paid survey you complete, which gets you entries into their sweepstakes.

They have monthly sweepstakes for $1,000 in addition to various other contests.

You may be given an opportunity to take as many as a few surveys a week, but it is generally well less than that. 

And again, you don’t get paid cash, you earn a chance to win a prize.

They do say you might get paid for some surveys, but they don’t specify how much or how often.

From my research, it does appear more of NPD Online Research’s online research panelists are becoming increasingly frustrated that they make no money at all.

And of course, don’t win any of the sweepstakes either. 

I will say at least NPD Online doesn’t try to hide any of this, as they are upfront about what you can expect as far as compensation or winnings goes.

Amongst the “reputable” survey taking/market research companies, I have to say that though it’s free to become an NPD Online Research panelist.

The general feeling I get from people who are involved with multiple survey companies is NPD Online Research is not amongst their favorites.

You won’t make money; it’s highly unlikely you will win prizes… we don’t recommend NPD Online Research to you.

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