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No Cost Income Stream

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No Cost Income Stream Review

by David Harris

“No Cost Income Stream”, by Eric Holmlund and found at, is an affiliate marketing training course.

It promises users they don’t have to spend money to set up their online business.

But they contradict themselves from the start.

First of all, No Cost Income Stream charges $47 and is going up to almost a hundred bucks unless our exposé can stop that.

The first price is not even worth it.

Then there are the endless upsells you have to wade through, once you’ve spent the near fifty bucks and enter the members’ area.

Those also cost, so that’s contradiction number 2.

No Cost Income Stream tries to get you to sign up for their hundred dollar coaching upsell.

This actually means a boiler room full of shysters who try to upsell you to more expensive programs that do nothing for you but leave you broke.

There are more than several unhappy customers who tried to get their money back from NoCostIncomeStream to no avail, so that will cost you too.

The No Cost Income Stream training system is built solely for the most entry-level of beginners, so this program will be of absolutely no use to experienced marketers.

While there are plenty of videos to watch, most of the information on them is available elsewhere for next to nothing if not free if you really look.

The bonuses also leave a lot to be desired, which means they are awful.

They are all about mythical tales of making money through social media sites.

Least of the No Cost Income Stream flaws is a mediocre website design.

But their worst, I would say, is that it is just a way for the runners of this overhyped system to make money, and not so much you.

I’m going with a no on this one.

I don’t recommend No Cost Income Stream.

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